PROCONT: complementary therapy for cancer

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PROCONT: complementary therapy for cancer

Орігель Україна

It is Procont composed of immunoactive substance and has general anti-tumour activity. Its effectiveness does not depend on the specific type of tumour. The product helps even after significant cancer development. The main component of the product acts when cells divide. No side effects have been observed in preclinical studies in case of overdose.

Procont properties

The active ingredient contains an immunoactive substance derived from biological materials. Procont acts by means of a tumour suppressor gene (prevents tumour cells from transforming). It can detect transcription errors and kills cells immediately before they divide.

Preclinical studies have shown that:

  • after using the product, survival rates are much higher than with other drugs;
  • its effect does not depend on the type of tumour;
  • it is effective at any stage of cancer.

Procont has virtually no effects that could manifest themselves as side effects, according to Professor András Bertha. In fact, the internationally renowned toxicologist and pharmacologist says:

“Our product can be used as an adjunct therapy in parallel with conventional Western chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Depending on the tumour condition, we will develop the appropriate individual dosage of the product based on years of experience.”

After chemotherapy, Procont helps to promote its effect, not depress it. Preclinical studies have also shown that the product is highly effective even in acute lymphoid leukaemia. In addition, Professor András Bertha noted, based on twenty years of experience, that in the presence of breast tumours of the third group, i.e. those not sensitive to hormones, Procont adjuvant therapy shows very good and safe results.

Орігель Україна

Advantages of Procont

In addition to the positive properties listed above, Procont has the following advantages over other drugs:

  • preservation of the immune system;
  • a wide range of therapy;
  • no toxic effects or side effects.

The product is produced from a biological system. Procont is recommended not only as a conventional treatment for various types of tumours, but also for prevention, as susceptibility to tumours is genetically inherited.

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