Are new strains of covid a threat to humanity?

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Are new strains of covid a threat to humanity?

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Mutation is an expected process, as the virus, which infects a large number of people, is always evolving. For this reason, people have to get new flu shots every year. Modified strains caused by COVID-19 were noticed when it was first detected in China. Unfamiliar varieties of the virus are characterized by their ability to spread rapidly, which is why lockdowns are introduced from time to time in different countries. The purpose of the restrictive measures is to prevent the spread of the disease.

Emergence of new types of virus

Viruses often change through habitual evolution. At the same time, a modified strain can become the most common in the country where it was first detected. Mutation, which changes proteins on the surface of microorganisms, can cause serious concern. This helps viruses escape from the immune system or medications. Therefore, people who have previously been infected with covid can become infected again, but the symptoms may be different and more serious.

To protect yourself and your family from the new strain, you should follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health:

  • wear a protective mask in public places;
  • wash your hands regularly;
  • keep a social distance.

It is also worth taking care of your own immunity. It is easy to strengthen it with the help of vitamins and minerals, physical activity.

Why are new strains of COVID-19 dangerous?

New types of covid are dangerous because they affect children. However, in them, the disease is mild and almost asymptomatic. This applies to any strain. The COVID-19 varieties remain dangerous for adults and children with chronic illnesses.

The South African strain is believed to be more potent than the Chinese and Italian variants. It is not hindered by antibodies that have developed after the coronavirus. In this case, a mutation occurred in the virus’s spike, which is used to enter human cells. Such changes have made it much easier to catch the new virus, as the dose of viral particles that are sufficient for infection has decreased. Therefore, the new strain of the virus is much easier to transmit from a sick person to a healthy one.

In addition, scientists have discovered a new mutation of the “British” variant of COVID-19, which is considered more dangerous than the previous one. It was this one that caused the third wave of the pandemic. Changes in the strain are in the rate of reproduction of the virus in human cells, as well as the reactivity of the patient’s immune system.

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