Supporting lung function naturally

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Supporting lung function naturally

Supporting lung function naturally

Pneumonia is an acute inflammatory lung disease. After pneumonia, it is recommended to support lung function, which is usually not very common in practice. Of course, the body recovers on its own, but to make this process faster and easier, we need our help.

The determination of the exact diagnosis remains with the specialist, because it is important to know whether the cause is bacterial, viral or fungal, and to what extent and what treatment should be used, based on the severity of the symptoms. In many cases, X-rays and CT scans are available to help doctors make an accurate diagnosis.

However, some complementary therapies can be used in addition to any therapeutic (drug) treatment to support our lungs. Let’s mention some of them, all of them are characterized by the fact that they can be used in parallel with other drugs, they help both in prevention and during the regeneration period.

These are herbs and herbal teas used in folk medicine. In the time of our grandparents, it was a natural phenomenon to dry linden or elderberry in the attic. In case of more severe respiratory diseases, plantain tea or a mixture of plantain and thyme in a ratio of 1 to 1 is more effective. We need to drink 2-3 cups of these teas a day to support our body. Drinking plenty of tea also has a positive effect on the body’s water balance. Gargling with a hot drink also disinfects the throat area before swallowing. These teas can be consumed continuously as a preventive measure, e.g. daily in winter or two or three times a week on an empty stomach.

Of course, spear plantain can be used to make syrup, which we often give to our children when they cough, but this plant is also effective for adults and can be used for general upper respiratory diseases, not just coughs.

More modern devices are ultrasonic inhalers used to treat colds in children, which most often evaporate Salvus water, which has an excellent mucolytic effect due to its high mineral content, or a colloidal gold solution, which has a general antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect. The traditional basis of modern devices is hot steam inhalation, with medicinal plants, which were mentioned earlier.

Natural active ingredients of medicinal plants are also used in various products to support lung function. Thanks to the active ingredients, the products help to support the respiratory system. This category also includes a product called Aerovital, where each ingredient is designed to effectively support lung function.

Aerovital is a drug that consists of a combination of natural active substances and reduces inflammation in the respiratory system without side effects.

  • The product was developed for functional support of the lungs in patients with lung cancer to prevent the decrease in the “performance” of these crucial organs.
  • The product is suitable for the additional treatment of any inflammatory lung lesions.
  • The product contains only natural ingredients, all of which are designed to support the lungs and reduce inflammation.
  • The product can be taken together with other drugs, such as pharmacopoeial anti-inflammatory drugs, antipyretic antibiotics, antiviral drugs.

30 capsules.

Aerovital is a dietary supplement to support the proper functioning of the respiratory system. The product has a valid license number 24980/2020 from the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition in Hungary (OGYÉI).

The product is recommended for use in the following cases:

  • to alleviate the symptoms of difficulty breathing, and in some cases even to eliminate them;
  • to relieve the symptoms of pneumonia;
  • for additional therapeutic treatment of patients with COPD;
  • in lung cancer;
  • for smokers to support lung function to clear the airways.

The product contains only natural active ingredients! Each of the components supports the functional work of the lungs in a wide range. The product does not contain synthetic active ingredients – an overdose is impossible.

General Description

Aerovital is a drug that consists of a combination of natural active substances and reduces inflammation in the respiratory system without side effects. It prevents the accumulation of fluid in the chest cavity and promotes the removal of catarrhal discharge. Increases the permeability of the alveoli and suppresses the spasticity of the smooth muscles of the bronchi and bronchioles, thereby improving their permeability.

Clinical results have shown that using Aerovital, lung recovery after viral pneumonia is much faster, and its prophylactic use helps the body reduce the destructive effects of the disease.

The product is suitable for the additional treatment of symptoms of shortness of breath and pneumonia.

Instructions for use

  • In case of constant use of the product, as a general support for lung function, for example, for smokers or for the prevention of upper respiratory tract diseases in winter – 1 capsule twice a day.
  • If strong functional lung support is required, it is recommended to start a course of the product, e.g. in case of pneumonia, as an additional treatment – 2 capsules 4 times a day until the symptoms disappear (4-10 days), after which the dose can be reduced to 1 capsule 3-4 times a day (the entire course thus means 2-3 boxes of the product).
  • In the case of regenerative treatment, as an additional treatment after pneumonia – if you have difficulty breathing, shortness of breath during conversation or after active movement, which is not typical for you – we recommend a low-dose course (1 capsule 3-4 times a day). In the case of children, we recommend calculating the dose in proportion to body weight. The daily doses indicated above are calculated based on an average adult body weight ratio of 75 kg. For example, a 10-year-old child weighing 35 kg requires half the recommended daily dose. If your child is unable to swallow a capsule, we recommend that you divide it and dissolve the powder in a food suitable for your child, such as yogurt.

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How many Aerovital capsules should I take for viral pneumonia? For how many days?

When symptoms appear, we recommend that you start taking the drug immediately. The purpose of taking this product is to prevent deterioration or collapse of lung function, i.e. severe pneumonia. The recommended dose is 2 capsules 4-5 times a day from the onset of symptoms or severe inflammatory lung symptoms. It is recommended to maintain the increased dose for the first 5 days or in case of severe inflammatory changes in the lungs until the situation improves, which may be 10-15 days.
Starting with symptom relief, we recommend taking 1 capsule 3 times a day for the next 10 days for regeneration.

Can Aerovital be taken in parallel with antibiotics?

How does Aerovital affect viruses?


I had a bad cold in the winter. I have to say, my condition was extremely unhappy. At first, I decided to treat myself with home remedies – honey, milk, and ordinary cough drops. But it didn’t help. I also had to take antibiotics. And then I got Aerovital. A week later, I was already remembering those nights with a cough like a nightmare…

Margarita Nikolaychuk

Margarita Nikolaychuk

After the pneumonia, I had constant shortness of breath. It was very difficult for my lungs to recover, but Aerovital helped a lot. I don’t know about anyone else, but it fixed my lungs. Since September, I have been back at work, and I didn’t expect it…

Zakharcsuk Sztepan

Zakharchuk Stepan

It’s hard to say how many cough drops I took. Aerovital helped me. I liked the product because it is not harmful and has no side effects. I use it when I have a cough with sputum. In terms of effectiveness, I can say that the drug helps to relieve cough very well.

Halyna Vitkovska

Halyna Vitkovska

In the spring, my mother got sick with a severe form of pneumonia. I do not wish anyone to go through what we went through. Constant antibiotics and no change. Friends from Zakarpattia sent two boxes of Aerovital and a box of Revitasol. We started taking two capsules every 4 hours. Thank God it helped and my mother was cured. Now I keep two more boxes at home, just in case…


Maria Simkovich

Thank God that this drug was found. I had no hope that I would ever be able to go to the store again. But in two months, I don’t feel shortness of breath or dizziness anymore.”

Viktoria Stefanko

Victoria Stefanko

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