Vitamin balance in the autumn and winter period

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Vitamin balance in the autumn and winter period

In the summer, many people feel healthier and more vigorous than in the fall and winter. At this time, chronic diseases hardly bother you, but as soon as autumn comes, they immediately remind you of themselves. As a result, the mood deteriorates, depression appears, and with it boredom and even depression. What used to bring pleasure ceases to cause joy, and the person begins to look for a way out of the situation.

The reason for this condition is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Their supply in the body should be replenished. The effectiveness of the immune system depends on this. In order to avoid catching a cold and infection, it is important to take care of your immunity in advance.”

Most people are used to taking vitamins when they are sick, and some people think that healthy people do not need them at all. But this is far from the case. All people need vitamins and minerals to help maintain vitality. For those who work physically hard, they are vital.
Another misconception is that there is no need to take vitamins in the fall, as we consumed enough fresh fruits, vegetables and berries in the summer. The body’s need for these elements is different at different times of the year. Vitamins for immunity are very important in the fall and winter. Getting them from fresh fruits is not so easy. Many useful components cannot be stored and accumulated in the body.

If the diet includes only healthy foods, this does not mean that vitamins are no longer needed. Only 50-60% of the daily dose of the necessary substances can be obtained from food. In addition, some elements are not able to be absorbed by the body in full.
In the autumn and winter, children are in dire need of vitamins. With the advent of the cold season, their immunity weakens, which is also influenced by mental and physical activity, the environment of peers. It is worth taking care of the child’s health first of all with the beginning of autumn.

How to understand that the immune system is weakened

The most common symptoms of weakened immunity include severe fatigue, decreased performance, lethargy, apathy, lack of appetite, discoloration and skin condition, and a high susceptibility to colds. The list of the most common causes of a weakened immune system includes:

⦁ Lack of oxygen and sunlight;
⦁ Lack of vitamins and minerals;
⦁ Malfunctions of internal organs;
⦁ Frequent stress;
⦁ Lack of adequate rest.

To figure out how to quickly boost immunity in an adult, you should clearly understand the situation. If you know the exact cause of the weakening, it will be much easier for you to make a plan to strengthen the immune system. The following are simple and affordable ways to boost your immunity:
1. Revise your daily routine. It is important to establish sleep, maintain efficiency and improve well-being. It is advisable to adjust to the light regime of the day and go to bed a little earlier than usual.
2. Reduce the consumption of harmful foods, including canned foods, fried foods, flour products, refined sugar.
3. Monitor the work of the stomach and intestines. Avitaminosis can be caused by a lack of beneficial microflora, not by a change in season. It is important to maintain a balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria.
In order to feel great, you should take special medications. For example, REVITASOL is a two-component dietary supplement with a high content of vitamins and minerals. Origel’s product is characterized by the presence of active substances in its composition, high quality and safety.



30 capsules and 100 ml of liquid.

Revitasol is a two-component dietary supplement containing a wide range of trace elements and vitamins. In addition to the ingredients found in traditional nutritional supplements, it also contains vitamin U, L-cysteine, which inhibits the development of secondary tumors in cancer patients, and ingredients that stimulate brain function.
The peculiarity of the product is that fat-soluble vitamins in Revitasol are presented in a water-soluble form using a technology protected by an international patent, which makes fat-soluble vitamins suitable for absorption, even when other drugs are not able to do so due to a violation of the body’s internal balance.

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Revitasol contains fat-soluble vitamins in water-soluble form. Since the absorption and digestibility of the product is extremely high, the use of this product is recommended not only for patients, but also for healthy people as a support for immunity in winter.

Fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and beta-carotene) can be found in various preparations (tablets, capsules, oil, etc.). However, their absorption and digestibility will be successful only if these fat-soluble substances are present in the intestine of the stomach 15-20 cm long simultaneously with bile acid and pancreatic enzymes. If this is not the case – as a result of various diseases, malnutrition, diet, main or side effects of certain drugs for the digestive system, radiation and chemotherapy, postoperative conditions, for various reasons of a weakened body – they will either not be or will be poorly absorbed, causing a violation of the physiological function of the body.

Their absorption depends on the physiological state of the intestine. The bile content is excreted into the duodenum with a sufficient concentration of bile acids. They prepare fats and fat-soluble nutrients, including fat-soluble vitamins, in a state that is suitable for absorption. This is also facilitated by the secretion of the pancreas, which is also secreted from the duodenum. These processes, if they are physiological, will ensure smooth absorption of fats, including fat-soluble vitamins. If this condition does not correspond to physiological conditions, the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins is no longer satisfactory.

Physical and chemical characteristics of the technology

Origel’s patented technology makes fat-soluble vitamins water-soluble. Traditional technologies use emulsifiers to mix the oil phase with water to produce an oil emulsion. It is typical for the system that a weak physical bond occurs between the two phases, which are initially immiscible, due to the active property of the emulsifying surface. Thus, a relatively stable homogeneous dispersion system is formed. However, this emulsion does not imply complete dissolution of the oil phase in water, as oil droplets are present in relatively large particles.


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Directions for use

1 teaspoon of liquid (3ml) 1 capsule before breakfast. Dosages other than those recommended should be discussed with your doctor. Do not consume more than recommended. The use of dietary supplements is not a substitute for a varied and proper diet.

The product is recommended for use in the following cases:

  • anyone with any chronic disease that weakens the immune system in case of a threat of influenza and healthy as a support for immunity in winter.
  • for any immunodeficiency or autoimmune process, such as allergies, Crohn’s disease, bronchial asthma, HIV, multiple arthritis (PCP), etc.
  • in case of obvious vitamin deficiency, with symptoms such as pallor, hair loss, weak nail plate, cracked skin
  • to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation in cancer patients.
  • after surgery for quick recovery.
  • for patients with anorexia, as an appetite enhancer.

Dosage information.

One box is enough for 30 days of daily use. The product consists exclusively of natural ingredients. Revitasol contains 30 capsules in a liquid bottle. We recommend taking 1 capsule with 1 teaspoon of liquid per day.


Store at room temperature in a dark place out of the reach of children. The liquid should be stored in the refrigerator.


This drug Revitasol is a very useful thing. Usually in the fall, I felt broken, weak and in a bad mood. But after I started taking this complex, I feel that I have “rejuvenated” by a decade
Stepan Razumkevych
Stepan RazumkevychLviv
Without these vitamins, I can’t even imagine how I would have coped. With work and children and this constant fatigue, I had no energy for anything. But now it’s all over. I highly recommend it. Revitasol is a really effective drug.”
Maria Gordovskaya
Maria GordovskayaBold
To cope with constant autumn fatigue, and to have the strength and inspiration to work and enjoy life again, without any synthetic compounds, is the main thing. I have tried many different drugs until I found the real quality and result. I highly recommend Revitasol to everyone
Grigory Podolyak
Grigory PodolyakSumy
I feel great, I have been taking Revitasol for a month now. It helped a lot, I didn’t even believe that this could be, but now I am completely satisfied.
Anna Semerenko
Anna SemerenkoOdessa
I never thought that I would ever specially order vitamin complexes for myself. I always believed that my diet gave me everything I needed, but it turned out that it did not. I started feeling tired, my hair was falling out… I was advised to try Revitasol, and it really helped.”
Viktor Bernadsky
Victor BernadskyKyiv
We bought three boxes of Revitasol at once, because we take them together with my husband. It helps a lot, and his health has improved, and I will say – do not hesitate, this is a real miracle.
Lyubov Rushchynska
Lyubov RushchynskaKharkiv


How does Revitasol differ from other immune-boosting products?

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