Pandemics and epidemics of the twentieth century. What has changed in the approach to treating mass diseases?

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Pandemics and epidemics of the twentieth century. What has changed in the approach to treating mass diseases?

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Over the past thirty years, outbreaks of viral diseases have become much more frequent than before. At the same time, a pandemic of a new infectious disease caused by COVID-19 has already become commonplace. The Wuhan virus, which is transmitted very quickly from person to person through coughing or sneezing, does not live long outside the body. Therefore, its spread requires people to be close to each other.

A similar situation occurred in 2014 during the epidemic of the Ebola virus, which could be contracted only through close contact with an infected person. Even the zika virus, which can be transmitted by mosquitoes, spread more quickly in densely populated areas. But not all similar diseases are transmitted in this way. Of course, approaches to the treatment of mass diseases have changed and improved significantly over time, because in modern laboratories, specialists have a better chance of creating a vaccine to overcome the disease.

The most famous epidemics of the twentieth century

In the first half of the twentieth century, a global crisis began. In the territories where military operations took place, outbreaks of various epidemics were recorded, including:

  • typhoid;
  • scarlet fever;
  • measles;
  • plague.

But by that time, measures to combat them were already known, so doctors managed to overcome them quickly. One of the largest epidemics was in 1918. It was popularly called the Spanish flu, and it began in Europe. It was at this time that a large migration took place, and the Spanish flu spread with it. After the First World War, soldiers returned home and brought the infection with them.

It was especially difficult for the population of India and Africa, as there were no health services in these countries.

Changes in Approaches to the Treatment of Mass Diseases

In the early twentieth century, national health services appeared in developed countries. Medical professionals improved their knowledge and created various vaccines that helped to effectively fight dangerous infections. At that time, the sanitary order was actively improved and strengthened. Personal hygiene became the norm.

Since then, there have been significant changes in the treatment of mass diseases. Today, drugs have been developed that not only help to overcome a serious illness, but also prevent its occurrence. Most of them are aimed at supporting the immune system. It is able to independently recognize and overcome foreign bodies and cells, including pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

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