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Орігель Україна

Good sleep is the foundation of any person’s health, as the body recovers and cleanses during a night’s rest. However, in our hyperactive times, many people suffer from various types of sleep disorders.

Insomnia can lead to the following serious problems:

  • overweight and obesity;
  • development of diabetes;
  • heart attack risk;
  • pancreatic problems;
  • deterioration of memory, brain activity;
  • risk of dementia.

It has been proven that just a few nights without sleep can lead to catastrophic changes in the body. Irritability, loss of logical thinking and concentration, and a tendency to lose consciousness are just some of the harm caused by insomnia.

Scientists around the world are sounding the alarm because the information flow that falls on people every day has increased hundreds of times, and the average sleep duration has decreased to six hours. Even those who go to bed on time complain that they have trouble falling asleep because of their excited state.”

The Origelhas developed a unique drug SOMNIFERON that will regulate your sleep. It neutralizes the information flow of consciousness and calms the nervous system. Sleep comes without emotional effort and lasts as long as a person needs for complete recovery.

Benefits of SOMNIFERON:

  • comprises exclusively of natural ingredients;
  • has no contraindications;
  • does not cause allergic reactions;
  • has no age or gender restrictions.

SOMNIFERON capsules contain a complex of natural ingredients such as valerian, passion fruit, lemon balm and hops. Thanks to the drug, the body has the opportunity to relax, relieve psychological and physical spasms, and rest. The composition does not contain any synthetic substance that could disturb the psyche. The drug has a mild effect, without interfering with the basic functioning of human organs.

After taking the course, a person feels that his/her working capacity has increased, thought processes have improved, and vitality has appeared. Good sleep contributes to better regeneration of the body and stimulates healing processes in case of prolonged illnesses.

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