The balance of salinity in the human body. REVITAFERR

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The balance of salinity in the human body. REVITAFERR

Орігель Україна

Because many organelles in the human body contain saline molecules, it is easy to deplete the supply of this chemical element. This is due to its special interaction with acid, which creates the oxidation process.

Defnitol can be reduced by using saline products such as kvassola, spinach, or blackstrap molasses. However, in this age of modified yams, it is important to know how to find an equitable natural product. This is why the problem of salyzodeficit is very relevant for today’s people. A deficiency of the element in the body leads to serious diseases such as anaemia, immune deficiency and cardiovascular dystonia.

Salt molecules only enter the human body in the form of chemical salts that do not react with acid. Origel has developed REVITAFERR, which contains an extra dose of saline and is able to transport it to the cellular level.

The composition of the product includes the following components:

  • alzalizo;
  • gumic acid;
  • fulvic acid.

Molecules of the remaining protein have a high capacity to penetrate the middle of the cell. They are the very means by which saline is transported to the outside and fully utilized by the body.

Gumic acid plays a detoxifying role. It binds the acidic lipids, especially those that accumulate acid, preventing it from undergoing a process of dissociation.

REVITAFERR is completely absorbed by the body. With regular use, the following changes are observed:

  • increased predictability;
  • energizes the nervous system;
  • normalizes arterial pressure;
  • reduces the number of shots.

REVITAFERR is ideal for women during their pregnancy and menstrual cycle, athletes and people who perform important physical work. It is also helpful for people who have lost a lot of blood – those who are ill or injured. It is the most effective way to restore normal haemoglobin levels in the body.

The product has no contraindications and does not cause allergic reactions. It is considered to be an optimal food supplement for the fight against salivary fibrosis.

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