Vitamin complex of maximum effectiveness. REVITASOL

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Vitamin complex of maximum effectiveness. REVITASOL

Орігель Україна

Capsules and liquid, a special complex for maximum effectiveness of vital vitamins – REVITASOL.

The role of vitamins was noticed as early as 1747 by the marine doctor James Lind, who managed to overcome such a terrible disease for sailors of that time as scurvy. Since then, vitamins have become an integral part of the human diet. Along with the discovery of these essential substances, a number of diseases that were considered incurable, their clinics and treatment were unclear. Berry-Berry, chicken blindness, rickets, pellagra – practically disappeared with the discovery of vitamins.

As time went on, more and more was learned about vitamins. They were divided into groups: water-soluble and fat-soluble. That is, vitamins that dissolved in water, which is part of the fluid system of the human body, and had the ability to spread extremely quickly throughout the body. And fat-soluble, which have the property of dissolving only in fatty acids, fats and can accumulate in human tissues in sufficient quantities, but their absorption is extremely low. It is low due to the fact that these substances cannot move as water-soluble in blood or lymph. In some serious diseases, it is extremely important to add a dose of fat-soluble vitamins to the whole body in a timely manner and in the right amount, but given their slow absorption, it would seem that the problem has no solution.
In combination with the drug AEROVITAL, REVITASOL successfully acts as an adjunctive therapy

  • for pulmonary diseases;
  • for lung regeneration in the post-COVID period;
  • for rehabilitation of cancer patients after chemotherapy, especially lung cancer;
  • anyone who has any chronic disease that weakens the immune system in the event of a threat of influenza and healthy as a support for immunity in the winter;
  • any immunodeficiency or autoimmune process, such as allergies, Crohn’s disease, bronchial asthma, HIV, multiple arthritis (PCP), etc. etc.;
  • in case of obvious vitamin deficiency, with symptoms such as pallor, hair loss, weak nail plate, cracked skin;
  • to reduce side effects of chemotherapy and radiation in cancer patients;
  • after surgery for quick recovery;
  • for patients with anorexia, as an appetite enhancer.

REVITASOL is a unique vitamin complex that gives excellent results within a few days of use. You can buy it in our online store.

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