After pneumonia. How to restore lungs?

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After pneumonia. How to restore lungs?

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Pneumonia is an acute inflammatory lung disease. It belongs to serious diseases and is expressed in significant disruptions in the pathological process, weakening of the immune system. Recovery programs after it are required without fail. This applies to patients both among children and adults.
Any pneumonia is a serious damage to the lungs, intoxication and oxygen starvation of all organs, the development of respiratory failure and, as a result, a violation of the most important functions of the body. Viral diseases are more likely to cause lung damage than other types, as the pathological process often involves the entire lung tissue, not just individual areas. Compared to other types of viral or viral-bacterial pneumonia, coronavirus pneumonia causes even more serious damage to the respiratory organs.
As a result, the lungs cannot provide all organs and systems with the necessary amount of oxygen, which is why complications develop. They can affect the entire body as a whole – there are problems with the heart, brain, kidneys, endocrine system.
This pathology requires complex treatment and rehabilitation measures to fully restore the functions of the respiratory system, as well as to prevent complications.

Recovery measures

To recover from pneumonia, a set of methods is selected depending on the age and characteristics of the patient’s body. Let’s consider the most popular ones.

Preventive measures

Prevention after this disease involves specific and non-specific measures. The first includes vaccination against a large number of viral strains that can lead to pathology. In the second case, doctors recommend:

  • take vitamins;
  • maintain the health of the intestinal microflora;
  • often be outdoors;
  • do physical education;
  • adhere to a healthy diet;
  • get enough sleep;
  • comply with hygiene and sanitation standards.

As for the diet that allows you to recover from pneumonia, it is based on the intake of dietary foods with a high concentration of protein. Food should be steamed or boiled. It is recommended to exclude spicy, salty foods, sweets, and smoked meats from the diet. Meals should be taken in small portions, 4-5 times a day.


Helps to speed up recovery from the disease. Massage should be performed after the patient’s body temperature has normalized. The back, neck, chest are massaged for active blood and lymph circulation, improvement of lung function.

Physiotherapy and exercise therapy

Electrophoresis with aloe extract, inhalation with herbs can be prescribed to cope with sputum production and a slight cough.
Physical activity should be moderate, start with 2-3 exercises, increase gradually. The goal is to restore the intercostal muscles and form the diaphragm.

Taking dietary supplements

To maintain the proper functioning of the respiratory system, it is recommended to take AEROVITAL, which contains natural active ingredients. Its action is aimed at reducing inflammation in the respiratory system without side effects. The drug can relieve the symptoms of shortness of breath, relieve inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, and is indicated for pneumonia. Each component supports the functional work of the lungs.
Origel is engaged in the production of high-quality and safe products that will allow you to normalize the body after various ailments.

Aerovital is a drug that consists of a combination of natural active substances and reduces inflammation in the respiratory system without side effects.

  • The product was developed for functional support of the lungs in patients with lung cancer to prevent the decrease in the “performance” of these crucial organs
  • The product is suitable for the additional treatment of any inflammatory lung lesions
  • the product contains only natural ingredients, all components are designed to support the lungs and reduce inflammation
  • the product can be taken together with other drugs, such as pharmacopoeial anti-inflammatory drugs, antipyretic antibiotics, antiviral drugs
  • production and patents – Switzerland-Hungary

A multifaceted approach is needed when studying physical changes, diseases and subsequent conditions. It is unreasonable to treat a disease if at the same time, other problems are formed due to side effects. We believe that our body is so sophisticated that it can maintain itself in a healthy state. That is why we attach great importance to regeneration processes.”

The consequences of viral pneumonia can be very severe. Scarring of the lung tissue, fibrosis, and blockage of blood vessels can lead to chronic shortness of breath and permanent breathing problems. The affected lungs can take years to recover and require long and difficult rehabilitation.
Dr. Monika Sirmoy

Clinical results have shown that by taking Aerovital, lung recovery after viral pneumonia is much faster, and its preventive use helps the body reduce the devastating effects of the disease.

  • The product is suitable for the treatment of symptoms of shortness of breath and pneumonia
  • In case of pneumonia, we recommend that you immediately start a course of the product, which is 2 boxes (the first box 3 times a day, 2 capsules, the second box 3 times a day, 1 capsule)
  • After pneumonia/pneumonia, the product is suitable for restoring lung function
  • If after the disease you have difficulty breathing, shortness of breath while talking or climbing stairs, we recommend a low-dose course (3 times a day, 1 capsule)

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30 capsules.

Dietary supplement to support the proper functioning of the respiratory system. Aerovital is a product that consists of a combination of natural active substances and reduces inflammation in the respiratory system without side effects.

The product is recommended for use in the following cases:

  • to alleviate the symptoms of difficulty breathing, and in some cases even to eliminate them
  • in pneumonia
  • for additional therapeutic treatment of patients with COPD
  • in lung cancer.

The product contains only natural active ingredients! Each of the components supports the functional work of the lungs in a wide range. The product does not contain synthetic active ingredients – an overdose is impossible.

Directions for use

In severe cases, such as pneumonia, inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract – 2 capsules 3 times a day, depending on the severity of the symptoms, the daily dose can be increased to 3 capsules 3 times a day.

In case of chronic diseases – 1 capsule per day, but in any case, consult your doctor.

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I had a bad cold in the winter. I must say the condition was extremely unhappy. At first, I decided to treat myself with home remedies – honey, milk, and ordinary cough pills. But it did not help. It came to antibiotic injections. And then I was brought Aerovital. A week later, I was already remembering those nights with a cough like a nightmare…
Margarita Nikolaychuk
Margarita NikolaychukLviv
I am a history teacher at the university. After pneumonia I had constant shortness of breath. It was very difficult for my lungs to recover, neither physiotherapy nor special exercises helped, but Aerovital helped a lot. I don’t know about anyone else, but it fixed my lungs. Since September, I’ve been back at work, and I didn’t expect it…
Zakharchuk Stepan
Zakharchuk StepanChernivtsi
It’s hard to say how many cough pills I took. If the cough is strong, then it is difficult for any medicine to cope with it. They help me.
For me, they are the least harmful, they do not have side effects. I use them for coughing with sputum. In terms of effectiveness, I can say that the drug helps to relieve cough very well.
Galina Vitkovskaya
Galina VitkovskayaVinnitsa
In the spring, my mother fell ill with a severe form of pneumonia. I do not wish anyone to go through what we went through. Her lungs almost didn’t work anymore, and every breath was followed by suffocation. Constant antibiotics and no changes. Friends from Zakarpattia sent two boxes of Aerovital and a box of Revitasol. We started taking two capsules in 6 hours. Thank God, it helped and my mother was cured. Now I have two more boxes at home, just in case…
Maria Symkovych
Maria SymkovychKyiv
Thank God that this drug was found. I had no hope that I would ever be able to go to the store again. But in two months I don’t feel shortness of breath or dizziness at all. God bless you, Mr. Bertha…
Victoria Stefanko
Victoria StefankoKharkiv


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Questions – answers

How many Aerovital capsules should I take for viral pneumonia? For how many days?”

When symptoms appear, we recommend that you start taking the drug immediately. The purpose of taking this product is to prevent deterioration or collapse of lung function, i.e. severe pneumonia. The recommended dose is 2 capsules 4-5 times a day from the onset of symptoms or severe inflammatory lung symptoms. It is recommended to maintain the increased dose for the first 5 days or in case of severe inflammatory changes in the lungs until the situation improves, which may be 10-15 days.
Starting with symptom relief, we recommend taking 1 capsule 3 times a day for the next 10 days for regeneration.

Can Aerovital be taken in parallel with antibiotics?

Yes, the product contains exclusively natural ingredients, based on which it can be taken together with any other product, antibiotic, antiviral or anti-inflammatory agent. The product does not replace the use of the above drugs, but is recommended as an adjunctive therapy.

How does Aerovital affect viruses?

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