How to ease the course of COVID-19?

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How to ease the course of COVID-19?

Often, the course of the disease depends on the patient, as there are certain actions that can alleviate the condition or even asymptomatically endure the disease caused by the COVID-19 virus. To do this, it is enough to use the drugs manufactured by Origel. They are aimed at strengthening the immune system, restoring the respiratory system and improving the condition of the whole body.

Strengthening the body’s defenses

It is known that it is the immune system that can overcome many diseases, so everyone should take care of strengthening it. Origel products contain vitamins and minerals that have a positive effect on the body’s defenses. They are recommended for use in case of immunodeficiency, as well as in the presence of an autoimmune process, such as COVID-19, bronchial asthma, multiple arthritis, etc. The products have a positive effect on the patient’s condition in case of vitamin deficiency.

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In addition, Aerovital from Origel should be used for coronavirus, as this medicine can relieve symptoms such as shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. With the help of this drug, a serious illness goes away with almost no symptoms. “Aerovital is effective for pneumonia. It does not contain synthetic components, so an overdose is impossible.

Origel drugs do not allow fluid to accumulate in the chest cavity and also help to remove catarrhal discharge. These products should also be used during complex treatment of COVID-19.

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Natural products also have a disinfectant effect and are suitable for treating mucous membranes. “VIROXY O1 SPRAY” facilitates and restores breathing. It does not cause addiction and side effects, so it is used for disinfection of:

  • oral cavity;
  • nose and nasopharynx;
  • body.

Origel Ukraine

“Revitasol” from Origel is recommended to be used not only during the disease, but also for its prevention, especially in winter or in case of chronic diseases that negatively affect the immune system.

Impressive results: with the preventive use of Aerovital and Revitasol, most patients were asymptomatic of COVID 19. And as a restorative therapy, patients regained their shape in 10-12 days.

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