Pulmonary problems of people in urban areas

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Pulmonary problems of people in urban areas

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Residents of large cities have many factors that negatively affect their lungs. They start with constant air pollution and end with viral diseases. Many settlements are formed in areas of industrial environment, where various factories operate, which have a bad impact on the external environment. Car exhaust also has this effect. Such factors can cause serious health problems.

What is the reason for the development of lung diseases?

It has been proven that polluted air can cause heart disease, cause the development of lung cancer, and can even lead to stroke. Invisible particles of formaldehyde, nitrogen oxide, sulfur, carbon monoxide, and lead will contribute to the deterioration of health. They can penetrate deep into the lung tissues and accumulate in them. This causes the development of various diseases.

Ukraine has a much higher hospitalization rate than European countries because of lung diseases. Of course, not all of them are related to environmental pollution. There is a high incidence of diseases that negatively affect the respiratory system. Such diseases are often found in people over 65. This is facilitated by bad habits, negligent attitude to one’s own health, and a weak immune system.

How to prevent lung diseases for city residents?

Pulmonary problems in urban areas have reached a new level during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has become relevant for the whole world. This infectious disease is distinguished by the fact that it can be easily confused with the symptoms of SARS or influenza, as it causes fever, fatigue, dry cough, sore throat, and runny nose. In some cases, it can cause pneumonia. This causes damage not only to the respiratory system, but also complicates the course of chronic diseases. That is why doctors advise to follow the recommendations that will help prevent this infection. Among them are:

  • wearing masks;
  • regular hand washing;
  • restriction of communication at close range;
  • walking in the fresh air while maintaining a distance;
  • frequent ventilation of the room;
  • moisturizing the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract with special means.

During quarantine, you should refuse to travel and not visit regions with a high incidence. Breathing exercises, an active lifestyle, and proper nutrition also have a positive effect on well-being.

Aerovital is used mainly for the regeneration of pulmonary lesions that have already developed in the lungs, alveoli, or bronchi. The task of the product is to functionally support the lungs, thus preventing the development of pneumonia or a milder course of viral diseases, as we help the body to overcome pathogens. In the case of Covid-19 infection, we recommend a high dose of Aerovital immediately, the main purpose of which is to avoid severe pneumonia and abstinence from the ventilator.

Aerovital is a drug that consists of a combination of natural active substances and reduces inflammation in the respiratory system without side effects. It prevents the accumulation of fluid in the chest cavity and promotes the removal of catarrhal discharge. It increases the permeability of the alveoli and suppresses the spasticity of the smooth muscles of the bronchi and bronchioles, thereby improving their permeability.

Impressive results: with the preventive use of Aerovital and Revitasol, most patients were asymptomatic with COVID-19. And as a restorative therapy, patients regained their shape in 10-12 days.

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