How do we destroy our liver?

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How do we destroy our liver?

Орігель Україна

The condition of the liver, which is one of the largest organs, affects the functioning of all other internal organs and systems of our body. It is called a skillful “worker” because it is involved in metabolic and many other processes, working non-stop. Of course, such a vital organ should be treated with great care. Knowing the factors that negatively affect liver function, you can prevent its destruction.

Harmful foods

The most common factor that contributes to the destruction of liver tissue and provokes inflammation is the consumption of harmful foods. These include:

  • Fatty foods. Smoked, fatty and spicy foods have a bad effect on liver function. One of its main functions is to prepare fats for excretion from the body. If there are too many of them in the diet, they do not have time to be processed. These products contain a lot of carbohydrates that the liver processes. If you overload it with such dishes, it will also not have time to process them. With alcohol abuse, the liver begins to fight toxins that enter the body with alcohol. It is against the background of alcoholism that chronic diseases of this organ often develop.
  • The destruction of liver tissue is also facilitated by the lack of a diet, adherence to diets without a doctor’s prescription, and an inadequate diet.

Bad habits and other factors

The condition and functioning of the liver is also negatively affected:

  • Smoking;
  • Household toxins (for example, those that are part of low-quality household chemicals);
  • Sedentary lifestyle;

  • rapid weight loss or weight gain;
  • constant stress;
  • taking untested medications, etc.

Maintaining proper liver function will be facilitated by proper nutrition and lifestyle, as well as taking the dietary supplement “Ergeron.”

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