How to determine whether the pain is in the lower back or kidneys?

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How to determine whether the pain is in the lower back or kidneys?

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It can be difficult to understand the cause of back pain. Some people cannot distinguish between back or spinal pain and kidney pain. However, the difference lies in the details. It is possible to distinguish kidney pain from back pain, you just need to focus on identifying the source of the pain. It is also worth determining whether the pain is permanent or temporary, and it is also important to recognize the presence of other symptoms. If you can do this, you will be able to distinguish back pain from kidney pain. Here are some recommendations on how to do this:

  • Assess the pain – if it occurs in the lower back and buttocks, it is probably caused by an injury to the back muscles. Spinal pain usually appears in these places and spreads throughout the entire area.
  • Check for pain between the ribs and hips – kidney pain most often manifests itself on the side or behind (in the so-called lateral abdomen). Pain not caused by the kidneys can be felt in other parts of the back (for example, in the upper back).
  • Recognize abdominal pain – kidney problems are manifested by pain in the lower back, accompanied by abdominal pain. If the pain is localized only in the abdomen, but not in the back, 90% of it is related to the kidneys. Back pain often goes away and returns after a while. If it hurts on one side of the lower back, it may also be due to the kidneys.

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