Interesting facts about sleep that you didn’t know for sure

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Interesting facts about sleep that you didn’t know for sure

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A good night’s sleep after a busy day – what could be better! It would seem that it’s easier to lie down, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and you’re already in Morpheus’ land. But unfortunately, sweet sleep is not as easy as it seems at first glance… And counting lambs does not always help.

What influences a quality deep sleep is hard to list. There are stresses during the day, our dinner and drinks (especially if you like coffee in the evening!), heavy physical activity, and gadgets that we don’t go to bed without… And we’re not talking about the duration of sleep, which ideally should be 8 hours, but by the time we finally fall asleep at 2-3 am, we’re about to wake up. And then it’s a new day. A new race…

In short, sleep is an extremely difficult thing. And if you regularly do not get enough sleep, you risk getting diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, obesity, immune system disorders, mental health and many other bad things. It’s a fact of life, and like it or not, doctors call sleep, along with physical activity and proper nutrition, the “three pillars” of human health.

But in the end, to save you the trouble of finding a way out of this insomnia, we offer you a product that consists exclusively of natural ingredients, such as valerian, passion fruit, lemon balm, and hops.

Origel has developed a unique drug SOMNIFERON that will regulate your sleep. Thanks to it, excessive excitement is neutralized and the nervous system is calmed. Sleep comes without emotional effort and lasts as long as a person needs for complete recovery.


  • has no contraindications;
  • does not cause allergic reactions;
  • has no restrictions on age or gender.

Thanks to the drug, the body has the opportunity to relax, relieve psychological and physical spasms, and rest. The composition does not contain a single synthetic substance that could disturb the psyche. The drug has a mild effect without interfering with the basic functioning of human organs.
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