Dialysis and Renalonum

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Dialysis and Renalonum

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The kidneys are a vital organ, so problems with their functioning and diseases should be addressed as soon as they occur. If the treatment is started too late or for other reasons, the problem is not addressed, a person may develop kidney failure. Another serious disease is tumors and other neoplasms on the kidneys. In such cases, patients are prescribed dialysis.

Dialysis helps to remove waste products and excess fluid. Healthy kidneys perform these functions on their own, but when they cannot cope due to illness, the body needs help. In such cases, dialysis is prescribed. In this case, a person has to completely change his or her lifestyle. Many nephrology centers offer patients an appointment for the evening and night shift so that they can have time for the procedure after work.

Of course, it is impossible to fully restore kidney function. However, the drug Renalonum can improve the function of the organ and even help restore its cells. This is a dietary supplement used as an adjunct to the main therapy. Renalonum is usually started in parallel with dialysis procedures. After some time, the frequency of the procedures can be reduced, for example, instead of three times a day, two times a day will be enough, then one. Over time, the need for dialysis may disappear altogether.

The advantages of the drug “Renalonum” are that it:

  • has a plant-based formula;
  • is used for many kidney diseases (it is better to start taking it at the initial stages of treatment);
  • is affordable;
  • has no contraindications.

If you start timely treatment of kidney disease using this supplement, the need for dialysis may not occur. In any case, the quality of life of a person after starting to take “Renalonum” is significantly improved.

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