Children and vitamins. Revitasol Junior

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Children and vitamins. Revitasol Junior

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The baby is born! From the first days of his life, he receives all the necessary vitamins from mother’s milk, but every month his diet changes and now his independent nutrition requires certain additions and adjustments.

For a child to grow up strong, healthy and have strong immunity, we cannot do with a good diet alone. Although most of the necessary vitamins the baby should get from food. And it is not necessary to buy exotic fruits for this. The usual vegetables, fruits and herbs, as a rule, have everything you need for a child to grow and develop fully.

However, an additional dose of vitamins is often still needed, especially if the child is actively involved in clubs, sports and even school! If there is a history of illness, vitamins are extremely necessary. Pay attention to your baby and if he has several of these symptoms, then he really needs vitamin support:

  • frequent illnesses;
  • constant fatigue and impaired attention;
  • irritability and drowsiness;
  • pallor, flaky skin and chapped lips;
  • weak nails and hair;
  • sweating and stooping;
  • digestive disorders.

Taking all the vitamins at once is wrong, since a substance can enhance the effect of another or, conversely, suppress it. That is why you need to know certain rules for taking vitamins and that is why we recommend our product Revitasol Junior.

It is in Revitasol Junior that all active substances are perfectly balanced and in a very well absorbed form, because it is based on the technology invented and patented by Dr. Ondras Bertha. Based on their solubility, vitamins are divided into fat-soluble (A, D3, E, beta-carotene) and water-soluble vitamins. Thanks to the patented technology, in Revitasol Junior fat-soluble vitamins are present in a water-soluble form, which makes them easily digestible, while other drugs are not capable of this.
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