Does smoking help with COVID-19?

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Does smoking help with COVID-19?

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Some researchers and scientists have stated that smoking tobacco products helps to avoid infection with the coronavirus. This information was obtained from Italian scientists from Verona. They reported that people who smoke cigarettes get covid less than those who do not smoke. Later, a well-known French portal reported that nicotine patches can develop immunity to the coronavirus. Therefore, for many residents, the issue of the impact of smoking in COVID-19 has become very relevant.

What is the impact of a bad habit in coronavirus?

During the World Health Organization briefing, it was noted that studies of the interaction between coronavirus and tobacco are not coordinated with them and cannot be objective. Currently, the WHO cannot confirm any evidence of the effect of nicotine on reducing the risk of disease caused by the COVID-19 virus.
The following facts also refute these rumors:

  • When smoking, a person touches his or her face more often, so the likelihood of catching a serious illness increases.
  • Smokers are at high risk of acute respiratory infections.
  • The bad habit negatively affects the respiratory system.

Don’t forget that smoking can not only cause chronic lung disease, but also causes a lack of oxygen in the body, i.e. hypoxia. This can complicate the condition of patients with coronavirus. In this case, there is a high risk of being connected to a ventilator. It is known that the negative effects of tobacco smoke are the main cause of cardiovascular disease worldwide. Therefore, there is a possibility of more serious symptoms among patients with COVID-19 who have heart problems. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has the same position as the WHO and states that:

…a bad habit cannot improve the health of patients with COVID-19. Therefore, you should trust only verified information that is established and confirmed by experts, otherwise you can cause irreparable harm to the body and worsen your health.

It is worth remembering that self-medication, especially for a serious disease such as COVID-19, can lead to negative consequences. Therefore, you should strictly follow the advice of a qualified doctor and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Currently, the Ministry of Health has launched a study of the impact of smog caused by fires on the course of coronavirus disease.

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