Origel – resisting viruses and helping the immune system

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Origel – resisting viruses and helping the immune system

Орігель Україна

The immune system not only protects the body from pathogenic bacteria and viruses, but also destroys its own cells that mutate, i.e., atypical, cancerous cells. Immune system malfunction usually occurs in people who have had serious illnesses. COVID-19 is no exception. To prevent the course of the viral disease from having severe consequences and not being accompanied by severe symptoms, it is worth taking care of your health in advance. The medicines of Origel Ukraine contain a wide range of valuable trace elements and vitamins that have a positive effect on the immune system.

When should I help the immune system?

Weakening of the immune system leads to the emergence of various diseases. This problem can manifest itself in the form of recurrent infections. Sometimes immune cells begin to harm the cells of their own body. Such diseases are called autoimmune diseases and cause an allergic reaction.

If the body is completely healthy, the immune system works in a coordinated manner, but such cases are rare. There are several recommendations to help maintain the body’s defenses. Among them are:

  • good nutrition;
  • normal sleep;
  • physical activity;
  • use of dietary supplements.

Even with a proper diet, it is not always possible to get valuable substances from food, so you should pay attention to special vitamin preparations that contain useful elements. Revitasol from Origel Ukraine provides full support for the immune system. This product is also recommended for those who have had a serious illness, chemotherapy, or chronic ailments. The drug will also be needed in the presence of immunodeficiency or autoimmune processes, including COVID-19, HIV, allergies, etc.

Vitamin deficiency negatively affects a person’s appearance: the skin loses its shine, hair begins to fall out, the condition of nails deteriorates, the face becomes pale. These symptoms can be eliminated by the Revitasol dietary supplement, which is produced using an internationally patented technology.

Viruses are a special case. In order to avoid the disease or ease its course, it is necessary to create the right conditions for the body. In this case, microorganisms will not survive in its environment. Of course, vitamins are important to help resist viruses. The company “Origel Ukraine” offers unique products that can be ordered on our website.

We have developed an extremely powerful vitamin complex REVITASOL, and REVITASOL JUNIOR, which can supplement the lack of vitamins in a matter of days. The unique patented technology allows to increase the absorption of vitamins by more than four times.

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