What to expect next: forecasts for the development of the pandemic

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What to expect next: forecasts for the development of the pandemic

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The coronavirus disease has caused a global pandemic, forcing humanity to take protective measures and comply with quarantine. Due to these restrictions, many changes have taken place in Ukraine and around the world, affecting everyone on the planet. However, thanks to joint actions, the incidence rate began to decline, shops and public facilities reopened, and schools and kindergartens reopened. The decrease in the number of positive cases has significantly reduced the workload in hospitals. What to expect and what are the forecasts of scientists?

Three forecasts for the development of the situation related to the pandemic

There are currently three ways of developing events related to the coronavirus disease:

  • The pandemic will lose its power only when all people are infected with this virus.
  • The epidemic can be overcome only through vaccination
  • It will not be possible to completely overcome the serious illness

Easing of quarantine measures was eagerly awaited by everyone, but this is only the beginning of the path that will lead to the complete abolition of such measures. World Health Organization officials predict that the pandemic will end by early 2022. However, it will not be possible to completely overcome the virus even in a few years, but restrictive measures may be lifted. The reason for this is in-depth knowledge and research on coronavirus infection.

World scientists share common views on the only way to protect the world’s population from COVID-19. This is herd immunity. It should be available to 60-70% of the population. These are the indicators that will break the chain of transmission of the virus.

Although there is a high probability that regular revaccinations will be required, which will be similar to annual flu shots. These actions will help to eliminate the threat of widespread infection.

The end point will come only when all aspects of social life and the economy can fully recover. The development of long-term health consequences from the coronavirus will be reduced and the risk of mortality will disappear. Normal life will not be the same as before, but thanks to the rapid response to this threat and effective fight against it, the usual economic and social freedoms that were limited during the pandemic will return.

Despite the established population immunity, constant monitoring and elimination of individual cases is necessary to control the development of COVID-19. Although they will already fall into the category of standard treatment of infectious diseases, and not those that completely change the life of society.

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