What are the consequences of pneumonia after coronavirus?

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What are the consequences of pneumonia after coronavirus?

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Pneumonia caused by the COVID-19 virus seriously damages the lungs and airways. For three months after a person has contracted the coronavirus, weakness, cough, shortness of breath, and subfebrile fever may still persist. In particularly severe cases, tissue fibrosis develops. If dizziness and fatigue persist after the illness, this also indicates that the lungs have not yet recovered their functions, and the body lacks oxygen.

Is it possible to fully recover from pneumonia?

It all depends on the severity of the damage to the lung tissues. If the body coped with the coronavirus infection relatively easily, the lungs may have only minor damage. With proper rehabilitation, such patients can fully recover. However, if the lungs are severely affected and have large fibrous formations, a person will not return to the state they were in before the disease. In this case, the restoration of breathing and lung tissue after coronavirus comes down to determining the permissible load on the lungs and training them as much as possible.

It is extremely important to provide such a patient with the right regimen: healthy sleep, good nutrition, moderate exercise. It is necessary to minimize the presence of stress in a person’s life, since after an illness he is in a vulnerable psychological state. Older patients should not be left unattended after discharge. They should be under constant supervision and, if necessary, receive the help of a rehabilitation therapist or other specialists.

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