Documented results

In preclinical (animal related) studies, the effectiveness of PROCONT was documented in five types of cancer. The animals were treated with these types of tumors, i.e., infected and diseased.

The animals were then divided into two groups:

“Control group which individuals did not receive any further treatment and unfortunately died after some time.
PROCONT-treated individuals who received the active substance in different amounts and in different ways (oral, topical injection, blood flow).”

The results also surprised the experts, as the survival time of the PROCONT-treated individuals was significantly increased and the tumor weight was significantly reduced compared to the untreated, control group. Illustrations of these officially documented measurement results can be seen below by tumor type.

Based on the results of closed preclinical (animal) studies, it can be stated that the active substance:
Its survival rate is many times higher than the active ingredients known today.

  • Not cancer-specific based on the five tumor types studied so far.
  • No toxic side effects even with fifty times overdose.
  • The distance between therapeutic and toxic doses is large.
  • It is effective even when the tumor is significantly advanced.
  • It can be produced from a biological system, the source of raw materials is widely found.