Aerovital is a product that consists of a combination of natural active substances and reduces inflammation in the respiratory system without side effects.

  • The product was developed to provide functional support to the lungs in patients with lung cancer to prevent the decline in “performance” of these critical organs.
  • The product is suitable for additional treatment of any inflammatory lung lesions.
  • The product contains only natural ingredients, all ingredients are designed to support the lungs and reduce inflammation.
  • The product can be taken together with other drugs, such as pharmacopoeial anti-inflammatory drugs, antipyretic antibiotics, antiviral drugs.

30 capsules

Aerovital is a dietary supplement to support the proper functioning of the respiratory system. The product has a valid license number 24980/2020 of the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition in Hungary (OGYÉI).

The product is recommended for use in the following cases:
  • to relieve the symptoms of difficulty breathing, and in some cases even to eliminate them;
  • to relieve the symptoms of pneumonia;
  • for additional therapeutic treatment of patients with COPD;
  • in lung oncology.
The product contains only natural active ingredients! Each of the components supports the functional work of the lungs in a wide range. The product does not contain synthetic active ingredients – overdose is impossible.

General description

Aerovital is a product that consists of a combination of natural active substances and reduces inflammation in the respiratory system without side effects. It prevents the accumulation of fluid in the chest cavity and promotes the removal of catarrhal secretions. It increases alveolar permeability and inhibits spasticity of bronchial smooth muscles and bronchioles, thereby improving their permeability.

Clinical results have shown that using Aerovital, lung recovery after viral pneumonia is much faster, and its prophylactic use helps the body to reduce the destructive effects of the disease. The product is suitable for the complementary treatment of symptoms of shortness of breath and pneumonia.

Instructions for use

  • In case of pneumonia, we recommend to immediately start a course of the product, which is equal to 2 boxes. Dosage: the first 5 days – 2 capsules three times a day, depending on the severity of symptoms, the daily dose can be increased to 2 capsules 4 times a day. In the following days, the dosage is changed: 1 capsule 3-4 times a day.
  • After pneumonia, the product helps to restore lung function – if you have difficulty breathing, shortness of breath during conversation or after active movement – we recommend a course in low doses (1 capsule 3-4 times a day).

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How many Aerovital capsules should I take for viral pneumonia? For how many days?

If symptoms appear, we recommend that you start taking the product immediately. The purpose of taking this product is to prevent deterioration or collapse of lung function, i.e. severe pneumonia. Recommended dose: 2 capsules 4-5 times a day from the onset of symptoms or severe inflammatory symptoms of the lungs. It is recommended to maintain the increased dose for the first 5 days or in case of severe inflammatory changes in the lungs until the situation improves, which may be 10-15 days. Starting with symptom relief, we recommend taking 1 capsule 3 times a day for the next 10 days for regeneration.

Can Aerovital be taken in parallel with antibiotics?

How does Aerovital affect viruses?

I had Covid-19, is it recommended to take Aerovital after being ill?


I caught a bad cold in the winter. I must say the condition was extremely unhappy. At first I decided to be treated with home remedies – honey, milk, and ordinary cough pills. But it did not help. It came to antibiotic injections. And then I was brought Aerovital. A week later I remembered those nights with cough as a terrible dream…
Margarita Nikolaychuk
Margarita Nikolaychuk
I am a history teacher at the university. After pneumonia I had constant shortness of breath. It was very difficult for my lungs to recover, neither physiotherapy nor special exercises helped, but Aerovital helped a lot. I don’t know about anyone else, but it fixed my lungs. Since September, I am back at work, and I never thought I would…
Zakharcsuk Sztepan
Zakharchuk Stepan
It is difficult to say how many cough pills I have taken. If the cough is strong, it is difficult for any medicine to cope with it. They help me. For me they are the least harmful, they do not have side effects. I use them for cough with sputum. In terms of effectiveness, I can say that the product helps to relieve cough very well.
Halyna Vitkovska
Halyna Vitkovska
In spring my mother got sick with a severe form of pneumonia. I would not wish anyone to go through what we went through. Her lungs almost did not work anymore, every breath was followed by suffocation. Constant antibiotics and no change. Friends from Transcarpathia sent two boxes of Aerovital and a box of Revitasol. We started taking two capsules in 6 hours. Thank God, it helped and my mother was cured. Now I keep two more boxes at home, just in case
Maria Simkovych

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