Procont Plus

Procont Plus


Procont Plus is an improved version of Procont. Our developers have been working for several years to improve the manufacturing technology of the active ingredient, and as a result we have managed to triple the amount of active ingredient in one capsule! So one pack of Procont Plus replaces three packs of Procont!

Procont Plus – international patent protected technology product, contains immunoactive agent, has general anti-tumour activity. The active ingredient in Procont Plus stimulates a group of enzymes called P53 to work more efficiently, which is a group of enzymes that acts against defective tumour cells that form in the body during inappropriate cell division.

This group of P53 enzymes is designed to repair or destroy DNA by altering its sequence during cell division. The level of this enzyme group determines the body’s own anti-tumour action. If we increase the level of the enzyme, we increase the body’s self-healing mechanism.

In 2011, two scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their research in this field.

Operating mechanism

The invention and the patent linked to the product, Procont, are about studying a protein that affects the P53 enzyme and the production of the P53 enzyme itself. These proteins are extracted from a specific biological system that increases the level of the P53 enzyme in the cell, in the nucleus, so that it can eliminate DNA sequence errors during division. And once division has taken place, it can cut off this process, so that programmed cell death – apoptosis – takes place.

Tumour cells multiply at an unimaginable rate: but this can be inhibited by the right levels of the enzyme P53, which is present in all our cells. When the body is supplied with this protein, it helps the enzyme to function at the right level, and even stimulates it. In fact, it regulates cell division and reduces the number of tumour cells, which is why Procont Plus can be used as a complementary therapy to conventional Western chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The two methods (conventional – chemo-/radiotherapy and alternative therapy) are not mutually exclusive. Procont Plus facilitates rather than suppresses the effects of chemotherapy. There is no interaction, no point of conflict where the two treatments can reduce each other’s effects. Most importantly, Procont Plus has virtually no side effects.


Procont Plus dietary supplement capsules contain an immunoactive active ingredient derived from a biological system with an international patent-protected technology, with general anti-tumour activity. It acts at the cell division phase, namely through the tumour suppressor gene: maintaining its physiological level, it detects transcription defects in the cell division process and immediately destroys the defective (tumour) cell that has not yet divided. The patent holder behind the active substance is Dr Bertha András, experimental toxicologist, pharmacologist-pharmacologist. The patent was assigned international patent number PCT/HU0300004 on 15 January 2003, P0200172.

Advantages of the invention over other technologies:

    • Preclinical studies in animals suggest that it has general anti-tumour activity.

    • It has no immunosuppressive effect, our measurements show that the immune status is maintained, it does not reduce immune function, in fact it reduces immune function.

    • High therapeutic breadth.

    • Non-toxic – no known adverse side effects.

    • Can be produced from natural biological systems, contains no artificial substances.

    • It acts during the cell division phase, namely through the tumour suppressor gene: maintaining its physiological level, it detects cell division defects during the cell division process and immediately destroys the defective cell that has not yet divided. The key role of the tumour suppressor gene in tumour processes is known in the literature, but to the best of our knowledge there is no known drug that affects the physiological level of this gene.
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Description of the results of the experiments

Preclinical studies suggest that the active substance:

• survival rates several times higher than those of currently known active substances,

• not cancer-specific, based on the types of tumours studied so far, widely applicable,

• no toxic side effects at 50 times overdose,

• the gap between therapeutic and toxic dose is large,

• is effective even if the tumour is significantly advanced.

In the animal experiment, the participating individuals were divided into several groups. The group that does not receive the drugs is called the positive control group. For each tumour type, the average survival time of the positive control group is 100%, compared to the survival time of the treated groups. The therapeutic threshold for chemotherapeutic agents in today’s drug armamentarium should be at least 125%. That is, the survival rate of the group receiving the drug should be at least 125%. Otherwise, this product will not receive further approval for use. The higher this value, the more certain the therapeutic efficacy.

Based on our current results, the biologically active substance, based on animal studies, is:

• The average survival time of animals with acute lymphoid leukaemia is 320%.

• Also in S-180 sarcomas, the average survival time of the animals (BDF1 male mice) was significantly higher (280%) than that of the positive control group (100%). The average tumour mass was reduced by about 1/3. The incidence of metastases was drastically reduced by ABB-7 treatment compared to the positive control group. This is supported by histology, enzymatic tumour marker and laboratory diagnostic measurements.

• For C26 colon tumours, the average survival of the animals was 220% and the average tumour mass was less than halved.

• For MXT breast carcinoma, survival is 149%. Average tumour mass is reduced by 1/4 (in BDF1 female mice).


Which types of tumours have been tested for the effects of Procont?

For sarcoma, melanoma, breast cancer, colon cancer, acute lymphoid leukaemia, Procont has preclinical studies with documented results.

Can the products be used for side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy?

If I am receiving chemotherapy/radiotherapy, can I take Procont Plus at the same time?

How long should I take Procont Plus for oncology?

Can I take Procont Plus for prevention if I have a family history of cancer?

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Consumption proposal

Based on the increased active ingredient level of Procont Plus: 1-3 capsules per day. Dosing should also take into account the type of tumour, the complexity of any metastases and the stage of disease progression.

Depending on the type of tumour, an organ-specific supplement may also be recommended. In all cases, consult your doctor for exact dosage.

Consumption of the product is recommended in the following cases:

• For all types of cancer, as the active substance in Procont Plus is not tumour-specific

• For prevention, if a family history of a certain type of cancer (genetically confirmed) can be traced

• Note: Procont Plus (as it is not a medicine) should NOT be used as the sole treatment, but only as an adjunct to conventional oncotherapy (if a person is no longer suitable for cancer treatment, Procont Plus can be given with the advice of a doctor).