Revitasol – a new word in the prevention of viral diseases

“Revitasol” is a two-component product enriched with trace elements and vitamins. The food supplement also contains elements to inhibit the development of secondary tumors, namelyL-cysteine andvitamin U. The drug contains components that have a positive effect on brain function. “Revitasol” contains fat-soluble vitamins that are water-soluble. This technology is protected by an international patent. Thanks to it, the ingredients of the product are suitable for absorption.

Strengthening the immune system with “Revitasol”

After various diseases, the immune system is weakened, so you can’t do without special drugs that improve the body’s defenses. Revitasol by Origel can help. This product contains many valuable elements that help to improve the condition after COVID-19 and fully recover from a serious illness.”

Thanks to a special patented international technology, on the basis of which Revitasol was developed, fat-soluble substances are much better absorbed. Instead, most products do not have this effect due to the imbalance caused by various diseases, diets, physical and mental stress.

In addition, Revitasol prevents the development of side effects after chemotherapy. Since the unique product has a high absorption, it is recommended to be used to strengthen the immune system in the off-season and winter.

Composition of the unique dietary supplement “Revitasol”

The drug “Revitasol”, in addition to traditional food additives, contains:

  1. L-cysteine, which is an excellent antioxidant and can reduce hypoxia and edema. Therefore, the use of the product is recommended to reduce the risk of developing recurrent cancer in cancer patients.

  2. Vitamin U, which absorbs radicals and has an effect on the body at the intercellular level. In addition, this element has a positive effect on the immune system.

  3. Choline is indispensable for improving brain function. It does not allow cholesterol to accumulate and helps to concentrate.

  4. Inositol – improves sleep, mood, and is also needed to support brain function.

The composition of the drug is enriched with a number of valuable and essential substances. It is available in two forms: liquid and capsules. This makes some components much easier to take due to their specific qualities.

The unique drug Revitasol from Origel can be purchased on our website.