To protect your liver: Ergeron from Origel

Ergeron is a dietary supplement enriched with amino acids and vitamins. This drug supports liver function. With the help of amino acid compositions contained in the product, the organ effectively performs its functions. The main active ingredient is vitamin U. It removes hard-to-reach metabolites through the liver. The drug also consists of other natural amino acids that support the functioning of the organ.

Dangerous liver diseases

A large amount of toxic substances are destroyed in the liver every minute. One of the peculiarities of this organ is the absence of pain receptors, and it practically does not give any signals of illness. Therefore, when symptoms appear, the situation is critical.”

There are several groups of liver diseases. They are divided into:

  • infectious – viral hepatitis and cirrhosis;

  • autoimmune – primary sclerosing cholangitis, etc.

  • alcohol damage;

  • toxic lesions;

  • pathological – in case of metabolic disorders;

  • accumulative diseases;

  • helminthiasis;

  • benign or malignant tumors.

To prevent the formation of these diseases, you need to take care of your health. According to Professor Ondras Berta: “In a liver full of strength, metastasis from the tumor process is much more difficult to form than in a weakened organ. Apart from St. John’s wort alkaloids, which is a natural active ingredient, there are not many products that can regenerate the liver. Our product called Ergeron contains essential amino acids and accelerates, protects, and strengthens the work of the organ.”

In addition, according to the professor, alcohol consumption kills liver cells. This problem has gained global proportions. Ethanol destroys the organ, which eventually becomes more and more narrowed. That’s why he recommends taking Ergeron not only for cancer, but also for people suffering from alcoholism. Ondras Berta notes: “Our drug is perfect for supporting liver function in this case.”

Features of Ergeron

Vitamin U, which is part of Ergeron, has an effect on the body at the intercellular level. Under its influence, molecules that are difficult to excrete are transformed. As a result, they are eliminated as metabolites. This component of the drug performs a cleansing function, which prevents metastasis in patients with malignant tumors. The vitamin is able to strengthen the immune system.

The composition of the product is also enriched with L-cysteine, which is an antioxidant and stabilizer of cell membranes. It helps to neutralize by-products that occur during the digestion of alcohol. This component is able to protect the body from negative effects after chemotherapy, tobacco use and other harmful substances.

With the help of the drug Ergeron, it will be possible to take care of the liver in advance and support its functions.