A product with an international patent-protected technology, contains an immunologically active ingredient, that has a general anti-tumor effect. Its effect is expressed in the cell division phase and acts through a tumor-suppressor gene, maintaining its physiological level in the process of cell division, recognizing transcription errors and immediately destroying the cells that have not yet mutated. Based on the results of preclinical (animal) studies, it can be reported that the active substance is non-cancer-specific, has no toxic side effects and also effective at 50-fold overdose, even when the tumor is significantly advanced.


Over the last 8-10 years, we have worked on the development of a product that primarily supports the liver and its functions. The product contains amino acid compounds that are regenerative and/or liver-enhancing agents. The main active ingredient of the product is vitamin U, which is attached to the hard-to-discharge metabolites to help evacuate them through the liver. In addition, the product contains other natural amino acids which, more particularly, seek to support this function directly or indirectly.


The Revita-U dietary supplement contains vitamin U. This organic molecule can bind to “foreign” substances present in the blood and lymphatic circulation (e.g. cell debris, toxic metabolites from tumor cells, heavy metals) that are difficult to empty through the liver. The product also includes vitamin-U, vitamin C and Rutine (vitamins P). Vitamin U, or S-methyl methionine, is an excellent scavenger, or antioxidant. It develops its effects in several places, mainly on the cells’ boundaries.


The main active ingredient in this product is Resveratrol, which has excellent physiological effects, its continued use helps to preserve the elasticity of the blood vessels and capillaries, has a atherostic effect, is protected against the harmful effects of high cholesterol, and May reduce the chances of blood circulation disturbance in the heart. Due to the fact that its water solubility and absorption are poor, but a well-soluble molecule in fat, the developers have created a method of transferring the gnificant unchanged molecular structure into the product in water-soluble form, thereby Absorption and utilization of the active substance is much better than that of the powder capsules.

Revitacart Complex

During the creation of Revitacart Complex, the developer of the product sought to combine the most important natural components in the product in order to preserve healthy joints, bones and cartilage. The main active substances of Revitacart complex dietary supplement capsules are: -glucosamine-shark cartilage (MSM)-Vitamin U-Vitamin C-magnesium oxide-proline-algae-calcium-routine.

Revita Sol

Revitasol is a multi-component food supplement containing a wide range of trace elements and vitamins. In addition to the ingredients found in traditional dietary supplements, it also contains vitamin U, L-Cystein, as well as brain-stimulating agents, which inhibit the development of secondary tumors in cancer patients.  The speciality of Revitasol is an international patent-protected technology, which means that fat soluble vitamins are present in water-soluble form, so they are suitable for absorption even when other products are unable to cope with the imbalance of the body’s internal environment.