Revitacart Komplex

Revitacart Complex

General description

General description

Revitacart is a complex compound to maintain healthy joints, cartilage, and bones.  During the creation of Revitacart complex, the developer of the product sought to combine the most important natural components in a product in order to preserve healthy joints, bones and cartilage. The main active substances of Revitacart Complex dietary supplement capsules are:-glucosamine-shark cartilage (MSM)-Vitamin U-Vitamin C-Magnesium Oxide-Proline-Algae-Calcium-Rutin.

Active substance Experience

Active ingredient Experience:


The drug promotes the normal functioning and proper mobility of the joints. It contributes to the construction and maintenance of the main structural elements of the cartilage, thus it plays an important role in preserving and regenerating the integrity of articular cartilage. Glucosamine is a natural constituent of cartilage tissue in the form of glucose aminoglycosis and contributes to the healthy functioning of cartilage tissues and joints. MSM (methyl sulphonylmethane) and glucosamine may promote the preservation of the healthy structure of cartilage.

Vitamin U

Vitamin U in the Revitacart complex is necessary to help remove accumulated toxic substances from the fluid in the case of the inflamed joint.

Vitamin C

This vitamin plays a role in the proper functioning of connective tissue, forming its structure, thereby promoting healthy gums, skin, bones and cartilage. contributes to preserving the health of the hair, nails and skin.


It is necessary to maintain the normal structure of bones and teeth.


Proline is a non-essential amino acid that occurs in large amounts in collagen tissues and also participates in the construction of bones, skin and cartilage. Particularly important for the health of joints and tendons.

Algae Calcium

In a complex form of algae-calcium, calcium is necessary to maintain the normal structure of bones and teeth, and contributes to the achievement and maintenance of optimum bone mass.


Rutin helps to maintain healthy blood vessels and improves circulation of capillaries.



Recommended dosage: 3 x 1 capsules daily for 1-2 months, followed by 2 x 1

Do not take this medicine for seaslicles and/or crustaceans.

Consumer proposal

Recommended intake guidelines

2 capsules per day. Consult with Practitioner in case of different dosage than the recommended amount. Do not consume more than the recommended quantity.
The food supplements are not intended to replace a varied and balanced diet.

The product is recommended to be consumed in the following cases:

-For cartilage or arthritis
-In case of joint exertion, e.g. for Sportsworkers, Outdoors
-Osteoporosis or prevention
-The product should not be susceptible to seaslicles and/or crustaceans.


Store at room temperature, protect from light and moisture, keep out of sight and reach of children.