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REVITASOL Revitasol is a unique, optimal combination of vitamins and amino acids. Extremely effective absorption formula Discount when buying 2 boxes Autumn is the season of colds. It is during this period that you need to take care of your health. But how to strengthen the immune system, protect yourself from stress, fatigue, maintain strength and most importantly – do not give a cold a chance? A weakened immune system leads to the emergence of various diseases. Even with a proper diet it is not always possible to get valuable vitamins from food, so it is worth paying attention to special vitamin preparations that contain useful elements. “Revitasol” provides full-fledged support for the immune system. Also this product is recommended to those who have suffered a serious illness, chemotherapy, has chronic ailments. The drug will also be needed in the presence of immunodeficiency or autoimmune process, which may include COVID-19, HIV, allergies, etc. Questions & Answers Revitasol is an optimal combination of vitamins and amino acids, but its greatest advantage is its effective absorption formula. According to its own patented technology, the product contains fat-soluble vitamins in water-soluble form, which, therefore, are already absorbed in the stomach and can therefore be absorbed several times more than fat-soluble vitamins produced by conventional technology. Some ingredients of the product dissolve better in liquid form, while others dissolve better as part of a powder capsule. Revitasol contains over 20 ingredients. Our goal in formulating the product was to maximize the absorption of these ingredients in the body. Taking vitamin preparations is usually recommended to be taken in the morning to support our body during the active period of the day and not at night, when the main goal is to rest. In general, the absorption of preparations is more effective when taken on an empty stomach, but to protect our stomach we recommend taking the product during breakfast or immediately afterwards. If our body is experiencing an increased workload different from the normal routine, such as working in the evening or exercising in the afternoon, we recommend taking Revitasol 1-2 hours before the activity. Revitasol can be taken regularly to support the immune system. As prevention, it is recommended to take 1 dose daily (1 capsule + 1 teaspoon of liquid). Absorption efficiency is increased by 8-10 times (8-10 times more ingredients are absorbed by the body), especially when the body is weakened for some reason or when digestion in the body is not ideal, such as the elderly. Based on current research, vitamin D is the most important foundation for the proper functioning of the immune system, it has a greater effect than vitamin C. With a high daily intake of vitamin D, the immune system will be much more resistant to infections, viruses and even effectively support the body’s fight against allergies. Based on recent years, the role of daily vitamin D intake has increased dramatically. Five years ago, the recommended daily dose of vitamin D products on the market was 200 UI (international units), today they offer an average of 2000-5000 UI, but, more important is that the body absorbs the right amount properly – which is what Origel products offer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Fill out the form or send an e-mail:

  • PROCONT PLUS 65.00
    Procont Plus is a general anti-tumour product containing a natural active substance. It acts during the cell division phase by increasing the physiological level of the tumour suppressor gene, which recognises transcription errors and destroys the defective cell that has not yet divided. Completed preclinical studies show that the drug is not cancer-specific, has no toxic side effects even at 50-fold overdose, and is effective even in significantly advanced tumours.
  • REVITA BURN 29.00
    Revita Burn promotes cleansing from toxins and impurities, improves intestinal function and the gastrointestinal tract.
  • GUARD 7 (100 ml) 30.00
    Guard 7 is suitable for relieving the symptoms of household accidents and general injuries (bruises, cuts, bumps, bruises, burns). In the case of skin irritations and hair removal, it helps to regenerate the treated surface.   
  • Орігель Україна VIROXY O1 CREAM 27.00
    Viroxy O1 Cream contains elemental oxygen in a bound form. It is quickly absorbed and moisturizes the skin well. It has antiseptic properties and releases active oxygen on contact with the skin, where it acts. It can be applied to the entire body.  
  • DOLONUM PRO 30.00
    Dolonum Pro's ingredients and absorbency can provide fast, effective relief from bruising, joint and muscle pain. It supports the recovery of overworked, tired muscles after exercise.  
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