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The Revita-U dietary supplement contains vitamin U. This organic molecule can bind to “foreign” substances present in the blood and lymphatic circulation (e.g. cell debris, toxic metabolites from tumor cells, heavy metals) that are difficult to empty through the liver. The preparation also includes vitamin-U, vitamin C and Rutine (vitamins P). Vitamin U, or S-methyl methionine, is an excellent scavenger, or antioxidant. It develops its effects in several places, mainly on the cells ‘ boundaries.



General description

General description

The Revita-U dietary supplement contains Vitamin U, Rutin and Vitamin C. Vitamin U, or S-methyl methionine, is an excellent scavenger, or antioxidant. It develops its effects in several places, mainly on the cells’ boundaries. In these places, it converts non-or difficult-to-eliminate molecules so that they can be excreted as metabolites (metabolic products).  With this activity, it promotes the influx of molecules needed for cell construction.

Amino acids are involved within the cell in DNA synthesis. This process is safer, the less the cell membranes surround the hard-to-discharge metabolite or the fragmented molecule. It has already been demonstrated in previous studies (Russian biochemistry) that the active-S-and although only active methyl groups of the U-vitamin indicate these groups of hard-to-discharge metabolites, the metabolites are excreted more quickly, thereby becoming recognizable. If these reactions do not occur in the absence of vitamin U, then there is a great chance that the aforementioned undesirable molecules will penetrate through the membrane into the cells and, during the cell division, change the amino acid sequence of the new cell. This prevents the regeneration of intact cells by dividing. Vitamin U does not only have an important role in the regeneration of cells, but also reduces the risk of tumor cell formation.

  • -Vitamin U performs the “cleaning” activity on the surface of the cells
  • -Carrier (carrier) plays a role in fat-soluble vitamins, as well as selenoids and β-carotene. That is, it assists in their absorption and leads them up to the place of use.
  • -It also supports the immune system by fulfilling the cleansing activity of the proteins that are important for immunisation.

Active substance Experience

Active substance Experience

Vitamin P (routine)

It regulates the permeability of capillaries, in the absence of which the small vessels become permeable, bleeding can occur. The leaves and stems of several plants contain routines. With a lack of vitamin P, a red complexion, vibrated nose may be formed due to increased permeability of the capillaries, as well as loss of appetite, muscle weakness, hypersensitivity (tendency to allergies) and inflammation, swelling (oedema) May occur. Tablets are produced from buckwheat (Phalloopyrun esculentum) and Rutafer (Ruta graveolens).

Vitamin C

The largest amount of adrenal cortex and white blood cells can be detected within the organisation. Vitamin C is involved in the metabolism of the intermediate (intermediate, intermediate), its presence in the intestinal canal is necessary to stabilises and absorb iron. Vitamin C strengthens the effect of adrenaline, and also enhances the development of connective tissue cells. Increased physical exertion, inflammatory, febrile, smoking and alcohol consumption, pregnancy and breastfeeding are higher in the body’s demand for vitamin C.

Consumer proposal

Recommended intake guidelines

1 capsule per day. Consult with Practitioner in case of different dosage than the recommended amount. Do not consume more than the recommended quantity.

The food supplements are not intended to replace a varied and balanced diet.

The product is recommended to be consumed in the following cases:

-For patients with Crohn’s disease and colitis (enteritis)
-For detoxification
-All digestive tract disorders
-In case of enlarged lymph nodes, to improve lymphatic system


Store at room temperature, protect from light and moisture, keep out of sight and reach of children.

Oncology for ancillary treatment of products, and dosage recommendations:

1 Revitasol: 1 Teaspoon liquid (3 ml) + 1 Capsule before breakfast
2 Revitasol: 2 Teaspoons liquid (6 ml) + 1 Capsule before breakfast, + 1 Capsule in the evening
1 Ergeron: 1 Capsule before bedtime
3 Ergeron: 1 Capsule at noon and 2 Capsules before bedtime

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