30 capsules and 100 ml liquid

To maintain health, children also need adequate amounts of vitamins, as vitamins are involved in the regulation of life processes and affect all functions of the body. The vitamin supply of children is especially important, because the possible deficiency condition adversely affects their growth and development. At the children the age and the gender determine how much vitamin their body needs for smooth development. All of the active ingredients in Revitasol Junior are present in a very wellabsorbed form because, (like Revitasol developed for adults,) it is based on a technology invented and patented by Dr. András Bertha.

Vitamins are distinguished by their solubility, so there are fat-soluble (A, D3, E, beta-carotene) and water-soluble vitamins. Thanks to the patented technology, fat-soluble vitamins are present in water-soluble form in the liquid part of Revitasol Junior, making fat-soluble vitamins suitable for absorbtion even when other products are unable to do so due to upset of the body’s internal balance (diseases, side effects, weight loss, mental and physical activity, or influenza-related illnesses).



General description

General description

In Revitasol Junior with an international patent-protected technology, fat-soluble vitamins are in a water-soluble form, which makes it suitable for the absorption of liposoluble vitamins, even when other formulations are in the body’s internal equilibrium (diseases, side effects of medicines, dieting, mental and physical workload, influenza). Revitasol is especially recommended for the protection of side effects of cancer patients with chemotherapy and radiotherapy (dizziness, vomiting, hair loss). The absorption and utilization of the product is extraordinary, so it is recommended for healthy people in the winter period to support the body’s immune system.

In addition to the ingredients found in traditional dietary supplements, Revitasol contains Vitamin U, L-Cystein, as well as brain stimulating components in cancer patients.

Revitasol Junior is characterized by two components, one liquid and one capsule. The liquid formulation is also supplemented with a capsule form containing the amino acids indispensable in the body’s metabolic processes. The components of the capsule are dissolved in water, their absorption is made from the gastrointestinal tract. In the capsule, there are the components that make the application uncomfortable in the liquid form due to their unpleasant taste and odour effects.

More information

More information

Physiological background

Fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and B-carotene) are found in various products (tablets, capsules, oil, etc.), but their absorption or use will only be successful if – in addition to fat-soluble substances –  enzymes of bile acids and pancreatic cells are also present  in the 15-20 cm long duodenum at the same time. In the event that this is not met – a wide variety of diseases, inadequate nutrition, dieting, main or side effects of some digestive drugs, radiation and chemotherapy treatment of cancer patients, condition after surgeries, for various reasons weakened organisms – these substances are not or poorly absorbed, so that the physiologically necessary operation of the organism is disturbed.

Their absorption depends on the physiological condition in the duodenum when they are entered. In the duodenum the bile content is excreted, in which bile acids are present in sufficient concentration. They prepare fats and degreased nutrients, including fat-soluble vitamins, to be able to penetrate the intestinal tract into an appropriate state of absorption. This is also facilitated by the secretum produced by the pancreas, which is also excreted in the horseshoe-knife. These processes, if physiologically, can also be disturbed by the absorption of fats, including fat-soluble vitamins. In the event that this condition is not appropriate to the physiological conditions, the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins is no longer satisfactory.

The physical and chemical characteristics of the technology

The inventor’s patented technology makes it possible to make fat-soluble vitamins water soluble. For the mixing of the oily phase with water, conventional technologies emulsions are used, resulting in fat in the oil or oil in the water-type emulsion. The system is characterized by a weak physical bond between the initially unmiscious two phases through the active property of the emulsion surface. Thus, a relatively stable homogeneous dispersion system is created. This emulsion does not mean lifting the oily phase in the water, since the oil droplets are present in relatively large particles.

Active substance Experience

Active substance Experience

Revitasol Liquid components: The Revitasol capsule contains:

Soy lecithin Calcium

Choline Vitamin U

Vitamin C L-glutamic acid

Niacin L-Aspartic acid

Inositol L-Cysteine

Zinc Iron

Rutin Vitamin B2

Vitamin Vitamin B1

Pantothenic acid

Folic acid


Vitamin B6

Vitamin A

Beta carotene



Vitamin D3

Vitamin U

There are currently no multivitamin or dietary supplements containing Vitamin U in the world. Vitamin U (S-methyl methionine) is an excellent scavenger, or antioxidant. It develops its effects in several places, mainly on the cells’ boundaries. In these places, it converts non-or difficult-to-eliminate molecules so that they can be eliminated as metabolites. With this activity, it facilitates the flow of molecules into the cell that are required for cellular building. The so-called pure molecules, e.g. Amino acids within the cell are involved in DNA synthesis. This process is safer, the fewer the fragmented molecules are, since if they are integrated into the DNA, the composition of the original chain molecule is altered, so that a false cell can occur during cell division. If this cell containing false information is redivided, tumor cells are formed. Vitamin U performs the “cleaning” activity on the surface of the cells, thus inhibiting the development of metastasis in cancer patients. The vitamin U carrier plays a role in fat-soluble vitamins, as well as selenoids and β-carotene. That is, it assists in their absorption and leads them up to the place of use. Vitamin U also strengthens the immune system by fulfilling its cleansing activity in the way of building proteins that are important for immunisation.


The inositol contained in the product is used for brain maintenance. Our body needs inositol for a good quality sleep, a positive, balanced mood and a calm state.


For good brain activity, the right amount of choline is essential. Dual effects are known:

  • It assists the ability to concentrate (the choline needs of people exposed to high levels of mental stress can be up to twice as much as in a less stressed state).
  • It assists in the use of cholesterol for the cells, thus inhibiting the deposition of cholesterol.


It combines the effects of inositol and choline.


L-cysteine helps to regenerate cell membranes. In hypoxic and edeosinophilic conditions (especially in the case of the brain), the cell membrane is damaged, as a result, the cell plasma flows out of the cell, which worsens the hypoxia and edema condition further. L-cysteine repaires the cell wall, restores the permeability (interoperability) conditions, resulting in a decrease in hypoxia and edema. The substance is also an excellent antioxidant. In cancer metastases, the cells are always hypoxic.

L-Glutamic acid

L-Glutamic acid is able to bind excess nitrogen at the cerebral circulation, resulting in better brain function.

L-Asparagaric acid

L-Asparagic acid is an amino acid that helps the cells to function in good working direction. In cancer patients it is rapidly excreted and replaced.

Consumer proposal

Consumer proposal

1 teaspoon liquid (3ml) + 1capsule before breakfast. Other than the Recommended consumption volume
Doctor for advice. Do not consume the product at the recommended quantity
More. The consumption of dietary supplement products is not a substitute for a varied and correct

The product is recommended to be consumed in the following cases:

-The average survival rate of animals with acute lymphoid leukaemia 320%
-In the event of flu, everyone who has any chronic disease, that reduces immune defenses, and in healthy adults
for prevention purposes
-Any immunodeficiency or autoimmune process e.g.: allergy, Chron disease,
Asthma Bronchiale, HIV, Polyarthritis (PCP) sufferers, etc.
-Clearly in vitamin deficient conditions, symptoms such as pallor, hair loss,
Fragmenting nails, cracked skin
-To reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer patients
-After surgery in the period of convalescence for a rapid recovery
-In patients with Anorexia as an appetite enhancer


Store at room temperature, protect from light and moisture, keep out of sight and reach of children.

Oncology for ancillary treatment of products, and dosage recommendations:

1 Revitasol: 1 Teaspoon liquid (3 ml) + 1 Capsule before breakfast
2 Revitasol: 2 Teaspoons liquid (6 ml) + 1 Capsule before breakfast, + 1 Capsule in the evening
1 Ergeron: 1 Capsule before bedtime
3 Ergeron: 1 Capsule at noon and 2 Capsules before bedtime