30 capsules

Somniferon is made from natural active ingredients that can support a good night’s sleep. A further advantage of the product is that there is no drowsiness in the morning, in contrast to synthetic versions. The slow excretion of active ingredients and the side effects of residues from metabolic processes in the prescription sleeping pills can cause prolonged drowsiness and headaches in people.



General description

General description

Somniferon has no side effects, so after waking up, when driving or at work, you can start the day relaxed without side effects.

In case of long-term illness like cancer, nighttime rest is disturbed in most people due to frequent awakening and pain, which can lead to further exhaustion of the body. In addition to the side effects already mentioned, synthetic sleeping pills can also increase pain, making a person’s mood even worse and more sensitive to the environment and pain.

Active substance Experience

About the active ingredients:

Valerian: It is also called the „valium of nature” because it calms the nerves without side effects. It also helps our brain respond better to stress and helps balance the amount of hormones produced by stress in the body. Valerian has been present in folk medicine for centuries. Valerian can not only help us sleep faster, but also make our sleep longer and more relaxing.

Lemongrass: It is primarily known for its nerve-strengthening and sedative effects. It is used for sleep disorders, incipient depression, heart complaints of nervous origin. Stimulates liver function, improves digestion, anti-bloating. It regulates thyroid function and reduces nervousness due to overproduction. It is also suitable for reducing premenstrual nervous tension. The polyphenols in it have antiviral properties, help cure cold sores and halve the frequency of the virus.

Passion Fruit: The fruit and its juice also contain vitamins A, B and C, sodium, iron and potassium, it is especially effective in treating constipation problems. Research has shown that it helps treat anxiety disorders and mood disorders. Suitable for relieving menstrual disorders. The passion fruit extract has an antitumor effect. The fruit decoction contains active ingredients that are able to paralyze the enzymes needed for cancer cells to enter the vascular system and lymphatic circulation, through which they disperse and form cancer metastases.

Hops: Hops have been proven to be a good sedative and hypnotic, but they are also used against anorexia and stomach complaints, as well as for diarrhea of nervous origin. It is often used in combination with other herbal sedatives (cat roots).

Consumer proposal

Consumer proposal

1 capsule daily, but always consult your doctor about the exact dosage. Do not consume more than the recommended amount of the product. Consuming dietary supplements is no substitute for a varied and correct diet.


Store at room temperature, protected From light, from Moisture, out of sight and reach of children.