50 ml

Disinfectant gel for face and hands. Contains elemental oxygen in bound form. Quickly absorbed and moisturizes the skin well.

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General description

Viroxy O1 Gel for people with particularly sensitive skin. The product does not contain alcohol or oil, so there is no feeling of dryness or, on the contrary, excess oil on the skin. Our gel is quickly absorbed, moisturizes the skin surface very well, maintains the balance of the lipid layer and skin elasticity.

Thanks to the antiseptic properties of the elemental oxygen contained in the product, it inhibits the growth of bacteria viruses or fungi. During an injury, the surface of the skin becomes vulnerable to bacteria and cannot maintain the desired moisture level, inflammation can easily develop. The oxygen in Viroxy O1 gel not only helps the inflamed surface to regenerate, but also kills pathogens, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The primary recommended use of this product is on the surface of the facial skin, where the fast absorption formula does not leave a greasy feeling. The product supports the regeneration, cleansing and disinfection of wounds, acne, blackheads, other inflamed skin surfaces and redness. The product is suitable for use not only on the face but also on the body. sensitive areas, even on the back of the hands. The gel formula is quickly absorbed and moisturizes the skin well.

Viroxy formulations are a completely unique product category in the world, with no other manufacturer on the market offering a unique active ingredient production facility. The all-natural active oxygen-based formula has no negative effects and there are no other disinfectant ingredients in the product. All positive effects of the product are due to the elemental oxygen.

Humankind and scientists working in the field of research have long been concerned with the persistent sequestration of atmospheric oxygen, and the emphasis here is on persistent sequestration – to introduce molecular oxygen into a medium, even in the form of a drug, where the concentration of oxygen decreases over time with little or no reduction. The theory had been around for a long time, but it was Prof Dr Bertha Andras who first succeeded in realizing it, and based on a unique patented manufacturing process, he produced a new active ingredient, which he used in various formulations to create the VIROXY product family.

Consumption recommendation

Apply the gel in a thin layer on the cleansed skin surface, rubbing lightly, 4-5 times a day to eliminate symptoms.


Store away from moisture, light, at room temperature, out of the reach of children.