Thyroid gland, its hypo- and hyperfunction.

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Thyroid gland, its hypo- and hyperfunction.

The thyroid gland is an extremely important organ of the human body. It is responsible for the work of hormones involved in the main processes of our life. And although this organ is not shrouded in a romantic halo, like the heart – a treasure trove of feelings or the lungs that fill every cell with life-giving oxygen, it is a kind of energy distributor. No wonder the thyroid gland is sometimes called the conductor of the “adrenaline energy” orchestra. It depends on it how optimistic a person will look at the world.
Any disease causes a malfunction of the organs. Diseases of the thyroid gland occur very often, negatively affecting the body’s metabolism. Among the main functions of the gland are:

  • control of the development of major organs and tissues, as well as the normal functioning of the central nervous system;
  • regulation of mental processes in the body;
  • stimulation of oxidation-reduction processes;
  • control of carbohydrate, protein, mineral and fat balance;
  • responsibility for reproductive function.

The most common cause of all types of thyroid diseases is an insufficient amount of iodine in the body, as this element is responsible for the production of hormones necessary for the normal functioning of the gland. An excessive amount of iodine causes hypertheriosis, and an insufficient amount causes hypothyroidism. Most of the problems in this case can be easily solved if the diagnosis is made correctly and treatment is started on time.
Predicting and stopping the development of diseases will help to follow the rules of healthy eating and lifestyle. We should also not forget about such preventive measures as the use of protective equipment when working with hazardous substances, the mandatory use of green tea, as it helps to remove harmful substances from the body, and the inclusion of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet.
Thanks to the diligent work of the employees of the pharmaceutical company Origel, a special dietary supplement Thyroid Control was created to keep the thyroid gland normal. Its main function is to reduce the consumption of hormones of artificial origin. The product can be taken during the treatment of thyroid diseases, as its components do not interact with other medications. In addition, Thyroid Control constantly replenishes the level of iodine necessary for the reliable functioning of the organ.

Dietary supplement to support the proper functioning of the thyroid gland

Thyroid Control is a drug that supports the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. It has been developed to reduce or eliminate the use of artificial hormones.
It is recommended for both a lack of thyroid hormones (hypothyroidism) and an increased level of hormones (hyperthyroidism). During hormonal treatment of thyroid diseases, Thyroid Control can be taken as there are no drug interactions. After 3-4 months of taking this drug, you can begin to reduce the amount of hormonal drugs without changing the dosage of Thyroid Control. Also, this drug regularly replenishes the physiological level of iodine necessary for good thyroid function.
Unfortunately, thyroid dysfunction is an increasingly common disease worldwide. Drugs used in medicine can change hormonal levels. Prolonged use of these drugs has a negative impact on our entire hormonal system, as they act in the pituitary gland, which is the central organ of the endocrine system, where the regulation of thyroid function, the regulation of sex hormones and the center responsible for the hormonal regulation of stressful situations are located.

  • Production and patents – Switzerland-Hungary


Creatine: Stimulates energy production and, as a result, may reduce fatigue associated with hypothyroidism. It stimulates the growth and strengthening of muscle fibers. Creatine is produced by our body naturally (in the kidneys, liver, and pancreas). The energy required for muscle contraction during exercise and training is provided by the high-speed hydrolysis of ATP. As a result of this process, ADP (adenosine diphosphate) is released. The phosphate group cleaved from creatine phosphate serves as a replenishment for ATP regeneration. This not only promotes energy production, but also speeds up metabolism. Creatine improves performance.

Lemon Balm Extract: Lemon balm tea is the most natural sedative recommended for nervous tension in any part of the body. It strengthens nerves, calms the heart, relieves cramps, carminative, improves intestinal function. Due to its antiviral effect, it can also be used for herpesvirus infections and shingles. It is also used in case of weather dependence: Hungary is a country where the population is deficient in iodine. Thyroid diseases affect women most of all, and this predisposition can be inherited. The thyroid gland needs iodine to produce hormones, which, among other things, are responsible for regulating metabolic rate (metabolism determines how fast we can burn calories). Iodine is an essential (vital) trace element, and since it is not produced in the body, we must compensate for it from the outside.

Sodium Selenite: Selenium is also essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Selenium deficiency can lead to hypothyroidism and autoimmune thyroid diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. The thyroid gland contains most of the selenium in our body. Selenium helps in the production of hormones. Thyroid cells produce a protein called thyroglobulin, to which iodine atoms must be attached to form the hormones T4 and T3. During hormone production, free radicals are also formed, to neutralize which thyroid cells produce two enzymes: glutathione peroxidase and thioredoxin reductase. They have an antioxidant effect. Selenium is a key component in the production of these two enzymes.

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