The inventor

According to Origel International’s beliefs, it supports researchers and developers who help mankind with the development of their inventions and products. Please read the information below of Prof. Dr. Andras Bertha, international toxicologist and specialist pharmacist.

Introduction to Naturopathy

Ever since ancient times, in search for rescue for their disease, the people looked for drugs and its active ingredients in nature.  Today, in the 21st century naturopathy uses this knowledge in treatments.

As a pharmacist, I became familiar early with herbs and their active ingredients, which were used far in the past primarily by ancient civilizations.  The acquired knowledge then made its way from father to son, and then the road split.

Initially, drug companies worked with natural remedies in industrial drug manufacturing. These were the first drugs, some still registered to this day, as morphine derivatives, digital alkaloids. As the research progressed, the so-called synthetic medicines have appeared. The vast majority of Western medicine chooses this way, but we know the serious side effects of drugs in a chronic disease, as they damage the physiological function of various organs, organ systems. Later, as an experimental toxicologist, I researched the so-called toxicological studies of the synthetic active substances. In this work I have unfortunately seen the real side effects, acute and chronic toxicology changes.

In the second half of the Nineties, pre-clinical trials were conducted with prospective chemotherapeutic agents, so I came closer to cancer problems. I have seen acute and late toxic side effects in animal studies. At that time, I became more convinced that chemotherapy was not a cure for cancer.

Although toxicology is my passion, after few decades in this field it became apparent that I was standing on the wrong side. I left my job and started to search for natural remedies. This decision was one of the biggest turning point in my life when I started to look for a natural source that can prevent the cause of cancer.

After a few months of thorough work, I put aside the study of plant-derived active substances because I did not get closer to a solution. However, I noticed that there is a species of animal in nature that becomes tumorous when introduced to a species-specific virus.  However, these animals do not become ill in the tumor attacking their haematopoietic systems but develop an “antibody” that protects them from the disease, and even their offsprings are protected during embryonic and lactation periods, which also persist in their future lives.

To my surprise, I did not find any previous reference to this in the literature. My goal was to find the active substance, which I could isolate from the colostrum of the source animal.

I tested the drug on five different types of cancer on mice, that were specially sensitized to specific human tumors. In all five types of cancer, I experienced surprisingly good results, the relative mass of tumors decreased and the survival times increased compared to positive controls.

Experiments have proved that the extracted natural substance works in other species, and is expected to work in humans too. This is confirmed by the evidence that Procont, which contains the natural active ingredient (international patent), has been successfully used in complementary medicine in cancer treatment for 12 years.

In the last 12 years, several additional products have been developed alongside Procont, of which Revitasol and Ergeron are specifically related to complementary therapy in cancer patients, since the immune system, its excretion and the liver are effective in helping essential part of the achievement of symptom-relief.


1985 Semmelweis Medical University – International Experimental Toxicologist

1984 Semmelweis Medical University – Diploma in toxicology Specialist Pharmacist

1980 Medical University of Szeged – PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, Toxicology, Assistant Professor

1978 Szeged Medical University – Pharmacist Diploma

Work experience

From 2011 to Berthamedicalzrt. /Berthapharma-Technology Ltd. -board Chairman/CEO-Development and production of dietary supplements

2007-2011 Bermedpharm Kft.-Managing Director-manufacture of patented and other proprietary food supplements

2005-2009 MDS System AG Switzerland-free-standing, owner, expert

2001-2004 Pro-B Biotechnology Kft.-Managing Director-conducting independent research within the company

2000 – Independent Active substance research

1998 – 2000 AMT Magyar – Amerikai Rt.-toxicology expert-pharmacological and toxicological research of anticancer medicine, preclinical documentation

1994 – 1998 Poison Research Centre, Veszprem-Department Head of reproduction and embryo toxicology. Completion of the full preclinical toxicology of two new drug molecules

1990 – 1994 Professional Freelance Researcher, Toxicology Expert

1986 – 1987 Medical University of Debrecen-Pharmacologist, assistant professor-complete preclinical toxicology of a new drug molecule

1980 – 1986 Ministry of Agriculture and Food Laboratory of Toxicology, Keszthely – Toxicology Head

Research and patents

2003 „Method for Obtaining an Anti-tumor substance” PCT/HU03/00004 (the basis of the Procont product)

2002 Epoxy-bonded high-oxygenated natural oil compounds primarily for pharmaceutical products

2001 „Composition for Aqueous Stabilization of Fat Soluble Vitamins” PCT/HU01/00073 (the basis of the Revitasol, Revitasol Junior, Aquares products)

2001 Pharmaceutical products for burn wound healing

2000 Stable macromolecular dispersion system and utilization of water-containing fuels

2000 Pharmaceutical product of the treatment and diagnosis primarily for tumor diseases and process of lipid-free fractions of blood plasma

2000 Evaluation of 5′-nucleotidase as enzyme marker by micro methods to detect and tract tumor lesions

2000 Converting fat-soluble vitamins water-soluble for humans and livestock in their drinking water

1997 Water (mazut) environmentally friendly combustion of oil distillation residues

1996 Stable macromolecular dispersion system for high water content fuels

1986 Teratology in Embryo Assessment in Wilson-Sect-Automation

1984 Evaluation of relative organ weight of experimental animals based on brain mass