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The main active ingredient in this product is Resveratrol, which has excellent physiological effects, its continued use helps to preserve the elasticity of the blood vessels and capillaries, has a atherostic effect, is protected against the harmful effects of high cholesterol, and May reduce the chances of blood circulation disturbance in the heart. Due to the fact that its water solubility and absorption are poor, but a well-soluble molecule in fat, the developers have created a method of transferring the gnificant unchanged molecular structure into the product in water-soluble form, thereby Absorption and utilization of the active substance is much better than that of the powder capsules.


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General description

General description

The main active ingredient in Aquares product is Resveratrol, which has excellent physiological effects, and has therefore been in the center of interest in recent years. Due to the fact that its water solubility and absorption are poor, but in fat it is a well-soluble molecule, Dr. Andras Bertha created a method to gnificant the unchanged molecule structure in water-soluble form to aquares into a liquid capsule. Thereby, the absorption and utilization of the drug is much better than that of the powder capsules. Aquares is absorbed 100% without the body’s energy being deployed, as it is immediately dissolved in the stomach with water.

The technological patent is 2000. On 4 July the inventor, Dr. Bertha András, was announced as the “preparation for the intake of fat-soluble vitamins”. Number: P0002561-PCT/HU01/00073

The active ingredient resveratrol used is 99.9% and pharmacopoeia quality. Resveratrol occurs naturally in the skin of the pyrosia in larger amounts. In red wine, the concentration is approximately Between 30 and 50 mg/L. The consumption of red wine does not cover the intake of resveratrol required to achieve the biological effect, since it is necessary to drink three to four liters of wine per day.

Active substance Experience

Active substance Experience


The active ingredient in Resveratrol is known for countless physiological effects today, as follows:

Cardiovascular Effects:

In the French, five fewer people die of heart attacks than in other European countries. Therefore, the phenomenon called “the French Paradox” is responsible for the active substance resveratrol. Research studies (a number of animal studies and clinical studies) have shown that resveratrol can actually reduce the risk of infarction by preconditioning (pre-training) the heart muscle cells transported by the narrowed coronary arteries, i.e. The relative lack of oxygen.

Endurance enhancement:

In research, the Resveratrollal of mice fed for 15 weeks have substantially increased their aerobic capacity, which has been demonstrated by increased running time and increased oxygen consumption to muscle fibers.


Because of its chemopreventive effect, resveratrol may reduce the frequency of tumors in a daily dose. Both animal studies and human trials of the clinical phase demonstrated that it reduces the level of free radicals. Other experiments have demonstrated that resveratrol also inhibits the vascular growth factor called VEGF. In this way, the blood vessels that surround the tumor are not able to grow collaterals (sideways), that is, the nutrient and oxygen supply of the tumor decreases. This will dampen the growth pace of the tumor. (Jang M and others-Science 1997).

Lifespan Increase:

 Increasing life expectancy is a central question for many: they want to live healthily and for a long time. In the best-known scientific journal Nature in 2003, the Howitz group and Sinclair described that Resveratrol significantly increased their experiments with the vinegar (Drosophila melanogaster), the yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), and the The lifetime of a worm called Caenorhabditis elegans.

Neurodegenerative diseases:

In November 2008, the Cornell University published a research result where the use of Resveratrol as a dietary supplement significantly reduced the formation of plaques (deposits) in the brains of experimental animals, which are Alzheimer‘s disease and other Causes of neurodegenerative diseases. The oral use of Resveratrol in mice has greatly decreased in various vital parts of the brain, such as hypothalamus (-90%), striatum (-89%), and medial cortex (-48%) Deposits. According to their theories, Resveratrol has been taken by humans through the stat. “Beta amyloid plaques” is reduced, which is associated with the negative changes in the brain associated with aging. This mechanism is likely to be explained by the copper detoxifying properties of Resveratrol.

Diabetes and Obesity:

In animal studies Resveratrollal treated, overnourished animals were oblong, but had no hepatomegalism (liver enlargement) or diabetes, motor functions were preserved, but lived at least the same amount of time as controls. By modifying the metabolic household, Resveratrol can prevent fat deposits in the body, obesity, and thus a tendency to diabetes. However, the appetite remains normal.

Consumer proposal

Recommended intake guidelines

2 capsules per day. Consult with Practicioner in case of different dosage than the recommended amount. Do not consume more than the recommended quantity.
The food supplements are not intended to replace a varied and balanced diet.

The product is recommended to be consumed in the following cases:

-Circulatory disorders, e.g. high or fluctuating blood pressure, varicose veins
-High blood lipid levels (cholesterol, LDL cholesterol)
-Diabetes Mellitus
-Nervous system disorders e.g.: Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease


Store at room temperature, protect from light and moisture, keep out of sight and reach of children.